Chance Harmon will host "You can't do that at LCT!"

“You Can’t Do That at LCT!” will be hosted by the theater’s Executive Director, Chance Harmon. The funds raised from the benefit will go to support the theatre and its mission.

“You Can’t Do That at LCT!,” will be hosted by a group of the theatre’s supporters this month. The group consists of singers from Lawton-Fort Sill and surrounding communities.

The benefit will be directed by Charlotte Oates. According to Oates, the benefit will feature things that aren’t normally done at the theater.

“This year’s benefit will be staged on the theater floor, with table and chair seating, including wine and desserts, and with singers who will cozy up right next to you and go into the house on occasion,” Oates said. “They will perform solos and duets from shows that are too big to produce in our intimate theater.”

Between songs, audience members will have the opportunity to visit, drink wine and eat light refreshments.

Chance Harmon, the theater’s executive director, will host the show. Featured singers include Amanda Richey, Alberto Rivas, Addam Tate, Emmalee Hamilton, Doris Lambert, Eric Malloy, Tracy Stewart, Alyssa Rodriquez, Arline Taylor, Matt Ortner, Shaun Calix and Philip Markly.

“Supporting Lawton Community Theatre benefits our city as a whole,” Harmon said. “It not only provides the means necessary for creating great theatrical productions in Lawton, but it enriches the community itself.”

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