The dynamic extraterrestrial hip hop rock and roll of 1GCrew returns with fresh music that came together in the time of the COVID-19 crisis. Oli Rey Ben (ORB) and Thanh Le have put out a collection that’s called ”Wrong Place.” I think it came at just the right time.

The new album is available on “practically every streaming program including, according to ORB. The album’s eight tracks include a new step in production value that came about while working together at long distance.

Le made most of the beats and ORB recorded his own vocals and sent them to Le for final production. It was creativity by necessity after the COVID-19 shutdown cancelled gigs the past few months and into the unforeseen future.

“Some of these songs were ideas we came up with on roadtrips to gigs,” Le said. “About 50 percent of it was made during COVID via communication over the internet.”

From at home, the duo were able to pull in some talent from across the state. Le said Oklahoma’s 580, 405 and 918 area codes were represented. One track, “Outerspace” was written for the columnist and Steve-O specifically for the Today’s Best Soundemonium! radio show.

A super-hype song is “Clap Your Damn Self” that I’m super stoked about. “On Me” and the ORB produced “Vans” are some tight numbers. The release of “Lock Down” featuring Sadaf The Pharaoh made a cool impact on the ongoing #VirtualSoundemoniumFest.

ORB said there’s concept to the album’s content. But don’t call it a concept album.

“‘Wrong Place’s’ premise is that Oklahoma is the wrong place to pursue a career in hip hop,” he said. “Its not a dig at Oklahoma. Oklahoma is a great state. It’s the place where distortion was discovered for guitar. The place of great country music legends. Oklahoma is one of the most economical places to live in the United States. But it isn’t the place to pursue a hip hop career.”

ORB called the track “Lock Down” a hip hop and rock fusion featuring down-tuned guitars and screamo singing joined with rap. The timely “Post and Dip” is about using social media to enrich your life, from networking for jobs to staying close to friends.

The reggae/Latin/trap fusion of “Clap Your Damn Self” is all about celebrating yourself by yourself, if need be, according to ORB.

“It’s natural for human beings to want to connect with other people and share your accomplishments,” he said. “It feels good. It is intoxicating. But don’t disregard or discount your accomplishments even if you are the only one that knows about them.”

Some of the hardest working cats in the game, having the road shut down means their main fan base throughout the region have to rely on their online presence.

“We are grateful for the internet and all of our loyal supports and fans but at the end of the day we have no love loss or illusion to where we live,” ORB said.

Always giving “100 for 100” as their standard, 1GCrew is a musical marriage, according to ORB.

“We give our all to each other every project we set out to do,” he said. “There are periods where one person has to do more. And that’s OK. We still strive to go beyond 50 percent for 50 percent.”

You can give them 100 percent of your fandom by checking out their music and following their social media pages.

This week brings a couple of new additions to Songs for the Sequestration Series. The first is a Flaming Lips beauty that resonates to me. It sums up how I feel getting back out into public as everyone seems to be leaping a little early back to normalcy: •Flaming Lips”Feeling Yourself Disintegrate”

My other choice is actually a home performance series by Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie/The Postal Service). These nightly and now weekly sets have felt like connecting with an old/new friend at a time when most needed. Here’s a number about life in the COVID-19 present: •Ben Gibbard”Life In Quarantine”

If the story of the greatest live music show in American history isn’t one of the best live music documentaries I’ve seen I’ll eat my hat. I checked out ”A Song For You: The Austin City Limits Story” and, if you love some of the best music made by the best musicians, then this is a movie for you —

#VirtualSoundemoniumFest continues with a feature show at 8 p.m. Saturday on the Drop Dead Dammit Facebook page. The goal is to raise money for Shine On Tattoo. It’ll be a beast of a set, I’m sure.

Other great performances you can view on the Today’s Best Soundemonium Musaic Facebook page: Cody Newby, Cashroh, Richard Clift Jr., No Talent Hack’s Jacob Slagle, the Scratch Studio Crew of Ray Bordelon, Dave Smith and Ray Miller, Allusion guitarist Tyler Farmer, Dissocial Fury, Caleb McGee, Robbie McMillan, Ciera MacKenzie, 1GCrew, Parlor Trick, Big Pete Piehnik, Jared Rosin & the Shuffle, Drop Dead Dammit, Tripple Threat, Fancy Bump, Ryan Tyler, Dave Laurence, Francis “Franky Furious” Balliet & Family, Bannister Chaava, Jacob Moore, Cotton White, Caleb McGee, David Dodson and Dayton Keel the gents in Backwash . All these performances are archived on the column/radio show’s Facebook page:

All local musicians are asked to participate. Just let me know when you’re playing, what time and send me a link to how people can watch. You can contact me through Facebook (Scott WHole Rains) or via my email:

So, musicians, set up a livestream show and a virtual tip jar and perform for your fans, gain some new ones and maybe make some money that you can split with your favored venue. Let’s do it as long as it takes before life returns to a sense of normalcy.

Steve-O and I are about to beginning culling performances for a special #VirtualSoundemoniumFest Mix Tape for an upcoming radio show.

This week brought some musical chuckles from the COVID-19 Self Quarantining Social Distancing The Return of the LOLLAF Mix Tape of Today’s Best Soundemonium! with Steve Carr, a.k.a. Steve-O, and the columnist. We returned to the archives for the 2018 edition of the summer ending soundfest for Mix Tape Surprise 7. Our archive keeps local music alive.

If you tuned in, you heard: Dani Carson, “Trucks”; Al Berry, “Meet Me At Gertlestones”; Tito Lindsey, “Pony/No Diggity”; Ciera MacKenzie, “Ice Ice Baby”; Burro, “12 Years Down, 2 Minutes Up”; Bannister Chaava & Steve-O, “Wonderboy”; and Big Pete Piehnik, “Mickey Mouse Club Outro.”

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