This week marked our 200th episode of “Today’s Best Soundemonium!” Called “The Deuce Hundy, a.k.a. Bicentennial AF Show,” this one felt like an achievement for old Steve-O and the columnist.

What can I say? Have you ever done something 200 times consecutively without a break?

If you’re a sane person, you already know the answer: “Why would I do something that ridiculous?”

Well, we’re ridiculous men.

Fortunately, this show is an outlet for our local musicians to share their stories and shine while also allowing their music to be played over the local airwaves. For Magic 95.3 FM and The Lawton Constitution to allow us to merge these two medias and spotlight our music artists is something rare and special. It’s something we don’t take for granted. Just like the artists who make it all happen.

I can’t thank enough Big Pete Piehnik, Brandynn Dammit of Drop Dead Dammit, Brandon Cramer of Allusion and 1121 Recordings, Ryan McGowan of Sunlander/Southern Aggression Dave Laurence, and Uncle Dave Crow from The (legendary) JuJu Beans/Scatterbone/Thunder Horse, for taking the time to record testimonials for us. That’s not even counting the dozens of performers who’ve shared the space with us who’ve taken the time to congratulate and/or thank us. It’s overwhelming to the both of us.

From beginning as a short segment to discuss famous deaths in November 2016, within a month, five minutes turned into 30 (or more) spent with some of the great local talents working the local stages and recording studios. It’s been a wild ride as so many established talents have had newcomers join their ranks from Studio Blanket/Tent Fort to create one of a kind moments.

While Steve and I have a great memory of sitting in former Misfits guitarist Doyle von Frankenstein’s tour bus for an interview following a December 2018 show at Lawton’s Railhead Saloon, it’s the time spent with our local talents that sticks in my heart as a favorite part of my career. They’re the reason for this column and the radio show. That’s a mission statement that will never change.

In December (eight more weeks), we’ll be celebrating our four-year anniversary. I’m hoping that things will be in a place where we can host some of our musicians to come and perform again. Even if we have to set up outside the studio in the parking lot, the goal is to keep live music flowing.

As you know, this year has been one of a kind due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The efforts to continue making a show when you can’t have guests (or the columnist) in the studio has allowed for a strange creativity that, in some ways, has brought out the best in our musical friends and resourcefulness from us. From phone interviews and previously recorded songs receiving world premieres, to hitting the vaults for hundreds of past performances has created a challenge. I’ve enjoyed the creativity on display by our guests as well as ours in figuring out a way to continue to create something unique each week. Steve-O truly can make magic happen when we’re in a pinch.

One of the real silver linings this year was the response and participation of the many musicians who contributed to #VirtualSoundemoniumFest. I can’t wait for us to take the virtual portion out of that title and to put on a local super concert in, hopefully, the coming year.

As long as we have local talent putting their hearts and souls into their music, we’re going to find a way to get them heard. Scenes are reciprocal. You have to take part. If a musician sings alone in the woods, they are still a musician. But without an audience, how can they become performers?

I hope you all do your part and tune in and see what sounds Southwest Oklahoma has to offer. I’m pretty sure you’re not going to be disappointed in anything more than our abundance of dad jokes.

This week’s selections for the Songs from the Sequestration begins with an introduction to the manic alt-rock poetry that blooms into a form of open art surgery found in the September 2018 performance by Hobo Johnson & The LoveMakers on NPR Tiny Desk Concert series.

Johnson (Frank Lopes Jr.) is a unique form of frontman these days. Rambling and awkward, he has a sweet streak that emanates as he smiles awkwardly and shares his stories of a young man who’s seen too much but refuses to become disillusioned. Homeless and living in his car at the age of 19, he has an implacable positivity that exudes. Songs like “Peach Scones,” “Romeo & Juliet” and “Sex & The City” offer the soul of a romantic at heart:

It took a modern poet to remind me that I should’ve written about the latest offering by rock & roll’s poet laureate Bob Dylan and his latest album, ”Rough & Rowdy Ways” when it came out in June. If for nothing else than to opine about his 16 minute opus about America’s last 60 years, ”Murder Most Foul.” If you haven’t given it a listen, here’s your shot:

If that’s not punching your ticket, you know it’s never too late to go back and remind yourself why Dylan is as essential to American music as an acoustic guitar and something to say with ”Don’t Look Back”

There’s brilliance. And then there’s Bob.

This week’s edition of Today’s Best Soundemonium! with Steve Carr, a.k.a. Steve-O, and the columnist, titled “The Deuce Hundy, a.k.a., Bicentennial AF” edition is one for the books. Again, we can’t thank all the artists enough who have helped make this happen.

Along with the cool testimonials, we had one heckuva playlist: Big Pete Piehnik, “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”; Drop Dead Dammit, “Phantasmagoria Blues”; Allusion, “No Excuses”; Dave Laurence, “Use Me”; The (legendary) JuJu Beans, “Midnight”; and Hobie Lasiter & The Drum House No Jug Jug Band, “Please Do Not Go.”

Jokey went deep with this month’s “jokes from the darkside.” Here’s this week’s punchline:

“Are you still holding the ladder?”

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