Takeez Meals visited Studio Blanket/Tent Fort to drop his latest single “On Tucc” and talk about the state of music ranging from hip hop to country and beyond. Performing under his first name, this track earns single-nomenclature status.

Give a check to the family-friendly version: •Takeez — “On Tucc” — https://youtu.be/namNwQKitQ8.

With a phat thumping beat and cocksure delivery, Takeez is staking his claim to the top of the Lawton hip hop mountain. With a deep delivery, his vocals hit as hard as the backbeat with his tale of growing up in Lawton.

“It’s about growing up in my city with the homies,” he said. “It’s about living free and having fun; just talking about reality that’s happened.”

The song is slated to be part of a planned March release of a full album named after his mother’s nickname, “Shorty Deuce.” Takeez has big plans for this launch. Right now, he’s working on the post-production to make sure everything is ready.

“I’m totally focused on getting this album out,” he said. “I’m all about quality over quantity. Hopefully, I can make a classic.”

Since his last visit to the studio, Takeez said he continues to get feedback from 2016’s “Stokely Carmichael.” It offered insight into a writer/performer with something to say. Revisit it: •Takeez — “Stokely Carmichael” — https://youtu.be/ifG_Jy4akGs.

Takeez said it’s an example of a song taking its time to become “just right.” Originally forming itself in 2013, the song refined before its ultimate release three years later.

“A lot of my best songs, I had to sit on for a long time,” he said. “Don’t put restraints, let it flow.”

As he nears being 27-years-old, Takeez said life with his wife and kids has helped him find focus. That comes between being really tired and finding acute focus. Since his first visit, he said he’s finding himself at the right place at the right time.

“I’ve really been working,” he said. “I’m in better circumstances.”

You can check the music of Takeez through most online platforms. His music is worth checking out and taking to heart.

Oklahoma’s The Flaming Lips have something special coming Nov. 29 with the 20th anniversary production of its 1999 breakthrough album “The Soft Bulletin.” Taken from a May 26, 2016, concert at one of the world’s best venues, Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colo., the iconic Okies were joined by the Colorado Symphony Orchestra for a track-by-track performance that took this masterpiece to amazing new heights.

“The Soft Bulletin Recorded Live at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra” is an iconic musical moment captured to the benefit of its listeners.

The Flaming Lips (Wayne Coyne, Steven Drozd, Michael Ivins, Derek Brown, Jake Ingalls, Matt Kirksey and Nicholas Ley) were accompanied by the 68-piece orchestra and 57-strong chorus, and was conducted by the internationally celebrated conductor Andre de Ridder.

Opening with perpetual concert opener “Race for the Prize,” it gained enormity with the eruption of symphonic accompaniment. The ephemeral “A Spoonful Weighs A Ton” dreams into existence like a Disney movie soundtrack, a fitting fit by Coyne and company. He admitted in a recent interview with the columnist to being a flesh and blood Disney creation.

The entire creation is even more powerful in this format than the original. That’s saying something. The starkness and emotion from “The Spiderbite Song” resonates with the orchestration accompaniment. Poignant piano makes “Waitin’ for Superman” reach into Elton John’s tenderest realm before the union of band and orchestra erupts into a musical triumph.

“Suddenly Everything Has Changed” was spot on when released. “The Soft Bulletin” was the album where everything changed for this band. This performance changes it further. It is a musical light.

Steven Drozd’s vocal “rap bap bap prrapabapaba” to “Feeling Yourself Disintegrate” opens and carries itself under the dreamsicle sonics and creates a relaxing touch to a song that carries your molecules away with each resonating note to live up to its title. It is a career-worthy song in itself. In this format, it reaches heavenly stages.

The album will be released in all formats as a double-vinyl album, CD and digital on Nov. 29. I’d save the date for the best “Black Friday” find around.

A visit from Takeez to Studio Blanket/Tent Fort for this week’s Today’s Best Soundemonium! with Steve Carr, a.k.a. Steve-O, and the columnist offered some good times, great conversation and unique insight into his vision. He’s going places, kids.

Jokey McJokerson keeps in Thanksgiving dinner-mode with some gravy for the joke set-up:

“It was a laughing stock.”

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Local live music

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Wichita Sounds Band Dance, 911 NW Hilltop Drive. Each Friday, 7 — 10 pm. Traditional country, early rock-’n’-roll, and ballroom. Seven dollar entry includes soft drinks and potluck snacks. No smoking, No alcohol. Everyone welcome. 580-450-7063

BrookRidge Retirement Community, 7802 Quanah Parker Trailway. 3-4:30 p.m. Wednesday, free. 536-9700: Frank & Friends Musical Entertainers.

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Guitar Bar, 1816 S. 11th, Monday: TBD; Tuesday: karaoke; Wednesday: acoustic open mic with Kris Brown; Thursday: acoustic with TBD; Friday, 9 p.m.: live music, Garagemahalix, Saturday 9 p.m.: karaoke with Tony Garrison; Sunday: 7 p.m.: acoustic jam night with Tony Garrison.

Bullpen, 11822 NW McClung Road, 592-5451, Friday, 10 p.m.: TBD; Saturday, 8 p.m.: TBD; Sunday, noon: Grateful Gospel, all interested musicians invited; Wednesday, 8 p.m.: Hump Day Jam TBD; Thursday: free billiards.

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Robinson’s Landing Marina & BBQ, north side of Lake Lawtonka, 1 mile west of Ann’s Country Kitchen to Lawtonka Road and down the shore line, free and open to the public, Friday, 6 p.m.: TBD; Saturday, 7 p.m.: TBD.

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