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Nacho Kart: from left — Frances Balliet, Garrett Glass, David Dodson and Dakota Hooper — launch into a full-tilt concert for the Railhead Saloon’s 2019 New Year’s show for the ages.

You can’t find any complaints with the way 2019 ended and 2020 began if you were at the Railhead Saloon Tuesday night for the Nacho Kart does Pantera concert. And it was a concert.

With a set list that spanned about two hours and around 20 songs, this pickup group featuring Garrett Glass, vocals; Dakota Hooper, guitar; Frances Balliet, bass/vocals; and David Dodson, drums; delivered big time for the packed house audience. The quartet have been working since May on getting the night’s show together. Originally scheduled for Halloween, the reset to New Year’s Eve was the perfect fit.

Nacho Kart/Cart is a special thing. It takes a commitment from the musicians who all play in other bands as well as work and living their lives. It’s a labor made real from a love for the music. From the original System of a Down and then Slipknot ensembles to this incarnation featuring the Pantera catalog, each performance has been an event.

The Pantera catalog made fertile ground for Tuesday night. From staples like “Mouth for War,” “Cowboys from Hell” and “Floods,” the local talent paid homage while breathing new life. Check out this double-shot: •Nacho Kart — “Walk/Regular People” (partial) —

Glass proved himself a strong front man with the group as he channeled his inner-Phil Anselmo to scream and snarl the lyrics as if he was playing Mayhemfest. “I’m Broken” and “Yesterday ...” are a pair of high points from a night filled with them.

Dodson and Hooper are also bandmates in Titan Metal. But at this show, they synched like the Abbott brothers in prime. Hooper put his mark on the iconic leads and squeals the late-Pantera guitarist made as his voice.

Following the midnight toasts and hugs and kisses among the audience, the band finished out with some special surprises for the eager audience. With Balliet’s bass end driving the riff and tempo, the group pounded the Down classic “Hail to the Leaf” with a pulse that made you want to move.

A couple of surprises added the cherry on top of a night of magic. The four horsemen took a turn on a favorite from the animated metal band Dethklok (from TV’s “Metalocalypse”) with the “Duncan Hills Coffee” jingle. It was a sonic espresso shot.

But the real star of the show was the night’s closing number from the iconic Aussies of AC/DC: •Nacho Kart — “TNT” —

While this is the last Nacho Kart does Pantera, you can bet some combination of these and other musicians from the local scene will be putting in the hard work on their personal time to capture lightning in a bottle to make another mark. Whomever takes that plunge will have a high mark to match after this most recent show. And I can’t wait to see and hear it happen.

“Bravo, guys!”

Drop Dead Dammit made their debut Dec. 21 at the Railhead and offered a breath of some heavy punk-meets-metal sonics. It was a Christmas present that couldn’t come early enough.

This power trio can say in three minutes or less what lesser bands take hours to project. Songs like “Hate Ashbury” and “Leather Apron” hit like a heavy hammer.

Check out this favorite: •Drop Dead Dammit — “Stitched and Confused” —

There’s definitely an Acid Bath air to what this power trio is doing: •Drop Dead Dammit — “Dax” —

Closing out with heavy hitters like “Bloodlust,” “I’ve Grown Cold” and “Into the Hourglass,” the “Triple D” made a case that those “D’s” could stand for dominance in the local scene before long.

You can give their song “Stitched and Confused” a listen as it closes out this week’s radio show during the 6:30 p.m. Sunday replay of the column’s radio show.

A taste of DuPree will be performing with some other jazz heavyweights for an entertaining event Wednesday at the University of Central Oklahoma Jazz Lab, 100 E. 5 in Edmond.

Foxx Entertainment presents Danny Cox, James Slaw, Craig Wetz, Smokey Hondolero and Ted Chaat for an evening of musical enlightenment from 7 to 10 p.m.

Studio Blanket/Tent Fort for this week’s Today’s Best Soundemonium! with Steve Carr, a.k.a. Steve-O, and the columnist got us closer through this year’s premieres and performances from the show with ”The End of 2019 We Used Up All the Good Names Mix Tape Part 3, Phase Holy Macaroni ...” One more week to go!

The following artists are on this week’s roster: Chris Caldwell & Rob Crow, “Your Old Cold Shoulder”; Larry Chrisner, “Drum House Larry Blues’”; Tito Lindsey, “Wasted Daze”; Desecration Conflict, “Grotesque”; Cashroh, “Anymore” and Drop Dead Dammit, “Stitched and Confused.”

Jokey McJokerson melded the worlds of the Rolling Stones and Macbeth for this week’s joke set-up:

“Is this a Jagger I see before me.”

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