Passion and perseverance pushed to their limits can lead to great things. Just ask Lawton’s Mychel Soto.

To move forward, sometimes it means you have to move first. After testing his skills and honing his vision locally, Soto made the move to Oklahoma City a couple of years ago. Now, with two bands making their mark, Soto’s dreams are coming true.

Soto’s newest band Strangled is slated to hit the road with Florida’s Bodysnatcher, along with Great American Ghost and Born A New from Feb. 4-7, for shows in Austin, Houston and Fort Worth, Texas, followed by a homecoming return to Oklahoma City’s 89th Street to close out their leg.

A guitar beast, Soto is joined by Joey Peletier, who also plays drums in his main band, Aberrant Construct, and singer Jacob Mathes with Joshua Mathes on bass/vocals. The quartet put out an EP within a few months of forming and began playing shows. Things moved fast from there.

“We got notice from the guys in Bodysnatcher from Florida that they instantaneously fell in love with our music and told us that when they do their headlining tour they wanted to take us on the road,” Soto said. “We have already gotten offers for playing in Europe and headlining some festivals in the United States.”

Soto said that, following the tour, things are settling down for a bit as he readies for his upcoming marriage in April. But soon after that will be the return of his now annual event, Soto’s Slamfest. It’s been a wild ride so far, he said.

“The amount of popularity that this band has gotten has been mind blowing and humbling; I’m very thankful for my brothers in this band,” Soto said. “We’ve had multiple record label offers but we have still decided to keep it DIY for the time being we don’t want to have to answer to any record label because we have a very good thing going right now and we do not want to tour our lives away because we have families and kids. But, we do still want to travel a lot to get this music out to people.”

Soto’s music projects are some heavy-hitters. It takes your father’s Black Sabbath, revs it up and spikes it with steroids to make the musical equivalent of a gorilla punching you in the face. That’s the intent, according to its mastermind.

“I have never been in a band where people have been this violent at our shows because they love the music so much,” he said. “The music is fast angry hard-hitting and does not let up . The songs may be short but every song is tactical in a way to make sure that we jump in, hit people in the face with a bat with these guitar riffs and jump back out.”

Check out their debut single that has gained over 23,000 views on YouTube: •Strangled — “Mobilized” —

Another single and video are slated for release in early 2020.

Soto found his way out of a severe-depression by focusing on his art and goals. He credits his daughter as well as his fiancé Emily Davis with giving him the support he needed. He said Davis has stuck with him through all the highs and lows of his musician life. Her optimism and smile fuels him, he said.

“She is my rock, my heart and my soul and the most loving woman I have ever had,” Soto said. “It’s not very often that you find someone who supports your dreams the way that she supports mine and I’m forever thankful.”

With talk about big things on the horizon with Strangled, Soto said Aberrant Construct will also be putting out new material and both bands will be offering their best. He credits his percussionist Pelletier with advancements in both band’s material.

“I’m very thankful to be in so many bands with this young man and we have a new project that is ultra guttural caveman slam called Loathing Existence, so keep an eye out for that,” he said.

Even though the musical world is expanding and opening potential opportunities for Soto, he remembers his home music scene. From here, he got what he needed to head out and make his voice be heard.

“I have always loved how much support I have gotten from home in Lawton for any of my bands,” Soto said. “I sure do miss all of you guys that I have made friends within the music scene.”

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