Salvation Army Angel Tree

Paper angels decorated the Salvation Army Angel Tree. The tree will begin accepting registrations for angels on Oct. 19.

The Salvation Army is once again asking holiday shoppers to think of the disadvantaged with their annual Angel Tree. This year the tree will be located at the Sheridan Walmart, 1002 N. Sheridan.

The move is a calculated one. With more and more shops closing in Central Mall, Maj. Joanna Robinson with the Salvation army believes the move will benefit the Angel Tree.

“The Salvation Army and Walmart have an excellent partnership already with our bell ringers, so I approached the Walmart manager at Sheridan personally and asked if we could have our Angel Tree there,” Robinson said.

The Angel Tree is a program that was founded in 1979 in Nashville, Tenn. A Christmas tree is setup and decorated with paper angels, on the angels are the names, ages, genders, and Christmas wishes of local children. Donors come forward and “adopt” an angel by purchasing gifts for the child on the angel.

With this year’s move to Walmart, shoppers can adopt an angel at the front of the store, shop for the gift, and then return the donation on their way out.

“We’re really excited about this partnership,” Robinson said. “The tree helps people who are financially strapped, and with COVID we plan on having a bigger year than usual and seeing a lot of people needing help.”

The Angel Tree is open to residents of Comanche and Stephens counties, Robinson said. To register for an angel, parents or guardians will need some paperwork to show that they are in need. A valid photo ID, proof of current residence, birth certificates for the children (ages newborn to 12), proof of income or lack thereof, official custody or guardianship papers if not the biological parent and the clothing and show size of the child.

Registration starts Oct. 19

Registration will begin on Oct. 19 and run through Oct. 23. To register, parents or guardians will need to bring the required paperwork to the Salvation Army building, 1314 E, Lawton, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Face masks will need to be worn inside the building and only five people will be allowed inside at a time. No children will be allowed inside the building.

Tree will go up Nov. 14

The Angel Tree will go up at Walmart on Nov. 14 and will be available for adoptions through Dec. 5.

“We’ve had many calls about the Angel Tree already this year,” Robinson said. “But this is why we’re here.”

While the Salvation Army expects to see an increase in people that sign up for the tree this year, they are also hoping that the inverse is not true, and that plenty of donors step up to adopt angels.

“It’s crossed our minds that that might happen. We’re praying it doesn’t, but we’re still going to be here to help. Even if we don’t know what will do,” Robinson said.

For more information about the Angel Tree, call 355-1802.

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