With a little bit cooler weather winding its way, the Wichita Mountains area will have another weekend of great live music with the 2nd Annual Paradise Valley Porch Party.

The event is from 3 to 9 p.m. Saturday, at 5615 NW Wolf Road, north of Lake Lawtonka, and it’s $10 to get in. Kids get in free.

Bring your own drinks, ice chests are welcome and tailgaiting is “highly recommended,” according to Rodney Whaley, one of the performers on the bill.

It’s a heck of a lineup that features Rodney Whaley, Cade Roth, Gannon Fremin, Dani Carson, Tito Lindsey, Ben Brock, and Roger Holder. B/S Productions’ Scott Pinion and comedian Corey Mack will serve as the ringmasters (porchmasters if you will) for the event.

It’s definitely going to be some of Southwest Oklahoma’s top musical talent on display. That’s why the cause for the fest is essential. So, don’t go asking to get in on someone’s door list for free.

“This is for musicians who haven’t been able to get out and play,” Whaley said. “All the gate goes to the musicians.”

Whaley invited everyone to come out and stay. Primitive camping is available with the admission and you can bring golf carts, campers, tents, horses, donkeys and whatever other applicable mode of transportation is available.

“Stay all night,” he said. “I’m sure there’s going to be some song swaps and people picking and making music all night.”

It’s been a bit since Whaley’s had opportunity to perform lately. As events coordinator for Medicine Park, he just finished up a big weekend with last weekend’s 14th Annual Medicine Park Blues Ball.

Whaley said the opening night’s sets by Sweet Brenda and Lawton legend Big Mike Griffin set things off in the right direction.

“She came out so freaking strong,” he said. “He’s a pro, class act; he came out and just wowed the crowd.”

With Griffin being a native of these parts, Whaley said the big man was joyed to have seen “a lot of friendly faces.” It inspired a powerhouse two-song encore.

Saturday’s line-up with The Midniters and Cecil Gray Native Blues Band offered just the right rock and soul to build energy. A new act suggested by Eric “Dirty Red” McDaniel, offered some wow energy, according to Whaley. Kerri Lick & The Good Kids‘ first appearance in Medicine Park, it most likely won’t be her last, he said.

“I’m excited to have some new fresh people here,” he said.

Closing with Lawton’s McDaniel and his bandmates in The Soul Shakers, Saturday proved to be one for the ages.

Altus’ 9-Mile Hill kicked off Sunday’s lineup and made a nice debut. It would be rolling inertia to the buildup for Caleb McGee’s triumphant return to the Blues Ball. Closing with the irrepressible Chant DuPlantier, this was definitely a powerful way to call the summer season to a close.

But don’t despair, festival season continues with the Flute Festival and Art Walk on Oct. 9-11 and the reconfigured Park Stomp slated for Oct. 23-24.

You’ll also get another installment of the summer live music series on Sept. 19. Jaci Jessen will open things up at 8 p.m. and Jack Tidwell & Wildhorse Revenant will take the stage at 9 p.m. As always, the event will be free and family-friendly.

This week’s selection for the Songs from the Sequestration brings the Quarter-Century Throwdown of “NOLA” by Down. The recent performance, coupled with interviews and fan compilations videos, features most of the original members tackling their seminal debut album track-by-track and is a must see/hear: https://youtu.be/DfTtEbj9gpo.

They’re still one of the coolest bands around, hands down.

Yesterday was an emotional high and low at once for the King of Southwest Oklahoma hick hop, Steven Nuckolls, a.k.a. Knuckles. In releasing his new single, “Army Brat,” on the one-year anniversary of his father’s death, he’s releasing his grief and also celebrating his life.

“I was born on Fort Sill at Reynold’s Army Hospital,” he said. “The literal definition of an Army brat.”

His father, Robert Dale Nuckolls retired from a 27 year career as an Army Sgt. Major. An idol to the son, his passing in 2019 was hard to take in.

“Growing up, my dad was my hero,” he said. “I wanted to be in the military just like him. … It was life shattering for me. My hero was gone. The man I called to answer questions and give me advice was gone. He left me a legacy though. He left me strength. He left me honor. He left me courage. He left me all of the good qualities of himself inside of me.”

Knuckles channeled his pain into his music. He said it brought all sorts of creativity to the surface. It’s evidenced in his new single and accompanying video.

The beat is produced by Lawton’s very own Andrew Fyu-Chur Jackson, of Fyu-Chur Recording Studios, and the vocals were recorded there. He is also executive producing Knuckles next full length album, “The Rodeo.” “Army Brat” is the first single from the album.

The video for “Army Brat “was shot at the Fort Sill National Cemetery and the Howitzer and war memorial at Elmer Thomas Park. Knuckles chose to have his mother in the video and his own children in cinematic scenes to pay homage to fallen soldiers at the cemetery.

“The song is big and patriotic and the video matches it,” he said.

Here’s the link to the video: •Knuckles — “Army Brat” — https://youtu.be/pprDDYSQFf0.

You can find the new track on all streaming platforms.

This week’s edition of Today’s Best Soundemonium! with Steve Carr, a.k.a. Steve-O, and the columnist offered episode No. 195 for the 2nd Annual Paradise Valley Porch Party Artist Showcase featuring several singers on the bill from their performances in Studio Blanket/Tent Fort.

What a great lineup: Rodney Whaley, “Mermaid”; Dani Carson, “Stuck Like Glue”; Tito Lindsey, “You Can’t Say That”; Cade Roth, “What’s Left of Me Now”; and Gannon Fremin, “Gin, Smoke & Lies.”

Jokey dipped into the risqué pond for this week’s joke set-up:

“So he gives it to her.”

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