OKLAHOMA CITY — Auditions for the 2021 Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute are underway and are being conducted entirely online due to the continued rise in COVID-19 cases.

The program is still scheduled to be held in person at Quartz Mountain, but one month later than normal, July 10-25.

To be considered, students must complete a brief online application and submit audition materials demonstrating their artistic ability. The submission requirements vary from discipline to discipline. Performing artists and filmmakers will submit a video file. Writers and visual artists will submit a digital portfolio of their work. The application portal is open at apply.oaiquartz.org, and all auditions must be submitted by early March.

Teaching artists from across the country travel to Quartz Mountain each year, where they provide advanced, college-level training and mentorship to the young artists in one of eight artistic disciplines: acting, chorus, creative writing, dance, drawing and painting, film and video, orchestra or photography. The multidisciplinary structure allows students both intensive study in their chosen discipline and new exposure to unfamiliar art forms.

Although the cost of an intensive arts residency program of this magnitude is steep, every student accepted to the Institute receives a full scholarship to attend. The State Department of Education, Oklahoma Arts Council and numerous private foundations underwrite the program costs to ensure that the experience is in reach of any talented student, regardless of their financial means.

First, students must submit a general online application and then submit their discipline-specific audition materials by the deadline listed at oaiquartz.org/OSAI.

For more information, visit oaiquartz.org.

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