Michael Narcomey visited Studio Blanket/Tent Fort this week to spread the dark gospel that is Astraea Invade. His long-term musical project is more than a band, especially since he is its essential element. It’s an artistic confection that meters music, visual art and philosophical elements to fuse something singular and sincere.

Narcomey knocked out a one of a kind take on a Garbage song, “The Trick Is To Keep Breathing” that you heard on Thursday’s radio show. Here’s his version of a praise song that delves into a new realm with this performance: Michael Narcomey/Astraea Invade — “Peace & Warmth” — https://youtu.be/yzU2_l-wDE8.

After picking up the guitar about 30 years ago, Narcomey said he was first inspired by Kirk Hammett and Dave Murray. It was his older siblings that turned him onto metal.

“I wanted to listen to what they listened to, that’s what made me want to be a rock star,” he said. “That’s not the point. It’s a lifelong thing.”

Narcomey found himself lured into some of the more extreme sounds around, imbibing the Norwegian Black Metal genre as if it were fresh nectar from the gods. When he found that industrial music could take those elements and push them further, like the bands Ministry, Spahn Ranch, Skinny Puppy and Front 242, he knew his path forward.

Mix those music influences with his Catholic faith and fascination with elements of the dark side, mix it in with a penchant for pop and you find manna from which Narcomey draws artistic influence.

“To express hell, to express heaven,” he said. “It’s about driving a thought into the psyche.”

Narcomey started out in the band Fall and then moved into his singular project form with As Invade, the precursor to the current project. His goal is to take the expansive thought found in The Doors and plunge it in deep and aggressively. He said he works best as a one-man band.

“I have a vision, a lifelong vision,” he said. “I started out, I wanted to be a rock star but now it’s more about the art than the music. I don’t want to compromise. I’ll never make any money off of it, that’s not what it’s about. It’s kind of nihilistic in a sense, but I’m not about compromise.”

With Kiowa/Comanche/Seminole heritage, Narcomey imbues that pedigree into unexpected places with his music. It helps personify his go-it-alone strengths. Ultimate artistic freedom is the only thing that matters. It’s a lesson learned from the extreme music influences he holds close.

“You don’t have to answer to nobody, you’ve got nothing to lose,” he said. “I’m not going to limit what I express. I take such left-handed paths to ideas it’s hard to get with someone else to get the ideas across.”

Sometimes that expression includes putting his personal stamp on cover songs. Along with his take on Garbage, he said he enjoys tackling pop and esoteric songs you wouldn’t expect. Check out this great cover of a Fleetwood Mac legend: •Astraea Invade — “Sara” — https://youtu.be/z8kf3gbt3Gg.

“A cover is just experimenting,” he said. “It’s just having fun in a different direction from the original.”

You’ll want to follow the Astraea Invade social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Narcomey is going to keep producing interesting art that’s worth checking out.

“I don’t change nothing for nothing,” he said. “It’s all about doing everything to lay it out before I give up the ghost.”

Lawton’s boys in Backwash are making their big stage debut Saturday when they open for Texas Hippie Coalition at the Diamond Ballroom, 8001 S. Eastern in Oklahoma City.

Guitarist Rafael Montez said the bands have performed together in the past when THC played the Railhead Saloon. But this is going to be an event for the ages.

“This has been a dream to play the Diamond,” he said. “We’re going to be on the big stage.”

You can contact any of the band members to pick up tickets for $20.

Narcomey’s Astraea Invade invasion this week to Studio Blanket/Tent Fort for Today’s Best Soundemonium! with Steve Carr, a.k.a. Steve-O, and the columnist was a singular and sensational moment to have been a part of. Can’t wait for his return.

Jokey McJokerson took steps to Schecky town with this week’s joke set-up:

“There’s already too much sax and violins on TV right now.”

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