Reagan Williams is the music director for Lawton Ballet Theatre’s production of “The Music Man, Jr”. And the costume designer. And the sound designer.

It’s a tall order, but Williams loves the job. The kids go from who they are when they walk through the door to full-fledged performers in the space of a little over a month.

“I love helping kids fall in love with theatre and with performance,” Williams said. “I see them become a little theatre family.”

“The Music Man, Jr.” is an adaptation of Meredith Wilson’s six-time Tony-winning musical, “The Music Man.” The streamlined version of the show is meant to be performed by an ensemble of school-age children.

The Lawton Ballet Theatre production has a cast of 37 kids from around the Lawton area. This Friday, at 10 a.m., those 37 kids will be performing for an auditorium of about 1,000 students from nearby schools. Then they will have their first open-to-the-public show at 7 p.m. that same day.

Saturday, there will be a matinée performance of the show at 1 p.m. Ticket prices for all shows are $11 for adults, $9 for children under 12 and seniors over 65.

The show follows Harold Hill, played by David Gregg. Hill is a con-man passing through a Midwestern town posing as a band leader. His plan is uncovered by Marian Paroo, played by Emmalee Hamilton, who begins to fall in love with Hill after he helps her brother overcome his social awkwardness.

Shalyn Bowles, a Theatre student at Cameron University, is the stage manager for the show. Apart from their work on “The Music Man, Jr.” Bowles is also playing the role of Maggie in Cameron University’s production of “Jake’s Women” and, until recently, was in the shadow cast for Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Vaska Theatre.

Working on three shows at the same time is a tall order for anyone, but Bowles said they took to it naturally.

“Once I found that balance for the jobs, I was able to just go with it, honestly.” Bowles said. “It just sort of happened that I was doing three shows at once, but if I had the choice, I probably would’ve still decided to, honestly.”

Tickets for “The Music Man, Jr.” are available at McMahon auditorium before the show, or at any time at the Lawton Ballet Theatre’s website. For more information, call 280-4623.