Grief counseling

Kathy Plumlee, a participant in GriefShare, displays a picture of the husband whom she lost and a poem with handprints from her family.

GriefShare, a Lawton grief recovery support group that meets at Cameron Baptist Church, was started to help those who have experienced the loss of loved ones.

“We welcome everyone,” who has experienced loss, Linda Purdue, GriefShare facilitator, said.

The support group offers 13-week sessions, though, “People needing help can always contact me at the church,” Purdue said.

An introductory mini-workshop, “The Loss of a Spouse” will meet at 4 p.m. Feb. 2.

The next 13-week session will start at 4 p.m. Feb. 16. Those interested in attending can pre-register through the website or call.

“In 2017, really good friends experienced the loss of loved ones,” Purdue said, so she decided to start GriefShare. “When God saved me, God gave me the gift of mercy. I feel the pain from other people’s lives.”

Purdue also has the experience of losing a loved one. She lost her daughter about a month after starting the group.

GriefShare is a Christ-centered support group, Purdue said. “It’s not time that heals. It’s God’s word. Jesus heals. Jesus is the Healer.”

“One of the most prominent things I learned is that God can be trusted,” Kathy Plumlee, a GriefShare participant who lost her husband, said. “GriefShare is safe, loving, accepting and informational. It is a journey with people in the same situation of losing a loved one. They understand.”

“I learned there is no right or wrong way to grieve,” Plumlee said. “The biggest impact on me was my belief system. It opened my eyes to really see who God is. God is good — all the time. You have to believe that.”

In the 13-week counseling session, one of the assignments was to write a grief letter, Plumlee said.

“I learned how to specifically ask for help.”

“God works through GriefShare,” Plumlee added. “People are there to help you through your journey.”

“It’s important that people know that we listen. We don’t judge. We pray with them. It’s a journey toward healing,” Purdue said. “We are seeing more suicides and murders. People are welcome to come. They may have nowhere else to go.”

To those who have lost a loved one and might be hesitant to go to GriefShare, Plumlee suggests they “Just do it. Just go. It will help them. They let you grieve and be who you are. They just accept you.”

“Often, people find it beneficial to go through more than one session,” Purdue said. Plumlee said she intends to go to another session.

After sharing her story, Plumlee said, “I hope that God uses me to help others.”

Those who experienced the loss of a loved one can contact Linda Purdue at the Cameron Baptist Church at 580-695-5020 or visit

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