When one or more nutrients are deficient in the soil, a tree will not reach its full growth potential. A tree lacking the right nutrients will have a shorter life span than a similar well-fertilized tree. Fertilizing trees is not a scientific process, if the homeowner will follow a few basic rules.

Pansies and viola are by far the most popular cool-seasoned annual flower grown in Oklahoma. Planted in the fall, they will produce small bloom in the winter months, but come spring, they will give the gardener a splash of color that can enhance any landscape.

The internet is full of do-it-yourself articles on gardening techniques that every gardener should know. Here are some techniques summarized that the gardener can save time, effort and money while gardening and landscaping.

Nature has many unfriendly plants that can be poisonous when eaten, cause skin irritation or cause physical injury. People can encounter these unfriendly plants at home, work, campgrounds, parks, woods, and playgrounds.

STILLWATER — Driving across Oklahoma, it’s not unusual to see patches of wildflowers along the highway. The variety of colors and textures makes these patches appealing to the eye. Wildflower gardens are also a great addition to any landscape and recreating this beauty in a public garden or …

A missing group of plants that can provide a wide variety of colors, textures and even sounds is the grass and the grass-like plant families. Most homeowners think of grasses that are mowed. However, there is a large group of ornamental grasses and grasslike plants that can supply new intere…

September is a great time to get back into the landscape as the temperature begins to fall and rains pick up. It is a great time for fall vegetable gardening, planting ornamentals, creating cool-season lawns and performing landscape maintenance before winter begins.

Don’t give up on that garden just yet! Some of the best-quality garden vegetables in Oklahoma are produced during the fall season.

An army is attacking our lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables, creating considerable damage. The army is not the US Army, but a battalion of fall army worms.

Adequate water is crucial for good plant growth. The amount available depends to some extent on the plants growing but also on the soil type and structure. Water is often in short supply and should be applied so waste is kept to a minimum. It is also useful to know which plants are susceptib…

Keeping a garden looking its best throughout the year involves a certain amount of maintenance from routine tasks such as mowing, edging, weed eating, raking, hedge and tree trimming and rototilling. While it is unnecessary and expensive to invest in all the tools needed, a few basic tools c…

Homeowners usually become dismayed when they see yellowing of the foliage on deciduous trees, pine tree, some shrubs and even turfgrass. There are a variety of possible causes for yellowing such as micronutrient deficiency, root rot or vascular wilt pathogens or even a leaking underground gas line.

Tulips and daffodils are highly valued for their bold splashes of color in the spring. Growing them together will extend the early flowering season well into late spring.

The recent wet weather has caused an invasion to our lawn that is harmless but interesting to see. White mushrooms and toadstools on a green grass backdrop provide an aesthetic view of any lawn.

Almost everyone likes trees for one reason or another. Some like them for the cool shade they provide during hot summer days. Others like them because they add beauty or value of the property. No matter what the reason the wrong tree in the wrong place can be disaster for the landscape.

We can all agree that the best way to protect water quality in our drinking water supply is to avoid polluting it in the first place. If storm water runoff contaminates our rivers, lakes, and oceans, we are no longer able to use them as household water sources and recreation areas.

There’s nothing like a big, juicy, ripe, red tomato in the summertime. It’s that time of year when delicious, locally grown tomatoes are at their peak. Lawton Farmers Market is getting ready to celebrate the most popular fruit of the summer at the 10th annual Lawton Farmers Market Tomato Fes…

Summer is a season to relax and enjoy the warm weather. Basking in the summer sun is a great way to relax, but only when the temperatures are safe. Summer heat waves can compromise the health of human beings as well as their pets. Gardening enthusiasts also may need to go the extra mile to k…

Anticipating the harvest of the cucumbers, squash, tomatoes or other vegetables is one of the joys of home gardening. But many gardeners may be disappointed over the hours invested in gardening if they harvest immature or overripe vegetables.

Saturday, the Lawton Farmers Market will hold a Sauerkraut Making Demo at 9 a.m. The demo will be given by Legako Family Farm with fresh cabbage they grow at their farm in Fletcher. The demo is free and open to the public. The Lawton Farmers Market is located at 227 SW 38th Street in the Cam…

Ask any gardener about their gardening experience and they will have some tidbits of information they have found to be helpful. Some of these tidbits have been backed by research and some are just tried and true practices.

Many gardeners are looking for an alternative to applying mulch every year to control weeds. One good solution is planting a groundcover that creates a dense canopy that keeps weeds to a minimum and eliminates mowing. Several groundcovers are adapted to our Oklahoma climate that may work in …

Oklahoma summers can be hot and dry. As homeowners begin to water, they will find certain sites in the yard harder to keep watered than others. So why not plant different landscaped plants in those sites that will survive under dryer conditions?

Maintaining a lush, green lawn and thriving landscape that includes shrubbery, flowers and trees requires time, money and often some sweat equity. However, the beauty that results from such effort compels many homeowners to take on the landscaping challenge.

A traditional lawn may not be right for every property nor desired by every homeowner. There is no denying that lawns take time and effort to establish and daily or weekly maintenance to thrive. Homeowners who find that a traditional lawn is not practical can explore some low-maintenance alt…

Parents and grandparents are looking for activities for children other than tv, cell phones and games where they can learn something new. What better gift for a child than to have a garden just for them. They love to dig in the soil, plant seeds and of course, water. Planning a garden for ch…

With COVID-19 and unemployment being high, many people have looked at lawn care as a source of employment. A lawn care service is defined as anyone who offers their lawn mowing services for a fee. Hiring the right lawn care professional takes little effort, but hiring the wrong one can be a …

The Lawton Farmers Market is going to the dogs as they celebrate Dog Days at the market from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday at the summer market location, Southwest 38th and W. Gore in the Cameron University Stadium parking lot.

It is time to check all shrubs for possible damage from our last freeze. So far, the most damaged shrubs were euonymus, nandina and crape myrtle. Others have experienced some damage but with corrected pruning these shrubs will survive.

Outdoor entertaining areas are the new craze in many landscapes. A water feature can be designed to fit virtually any landscape or entertainment area, no matter how large or small the area.

Small fruit have become a favorite among gardeners. From strawberry containers on a patio to full-scale planting of grapes, small fruit are showing up in all areas of the state. Western Oklahoma has its limits, but small fruit such as grapes, strawberries, and blackberries will perform quite well.

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Lawton Farmers Market will be offering Ask a Farmer booth Saturday. Hours of the market will be 8 a.m. to noon at the Cameron University Animal and Plant Sciences building on Southwest 38th Street. There will be local beef, breads, and vegetables available.

Growing roses is probably the easiest shrub to grow in the landscape. Success simply involves learning the plants’ basic needs, understanding the garden environment and then adjusting the care of the rose plant.

Parks Jones Realty and Naturescape Nursery are celebrating Arbor Day by giving away 200 oak trees on Saturday.

Just when people thought it may be safe to take a collective breath after the roller coaster year that was 2020, something big is on the way — and they’re planning on arriving in the billions.

This past month has looked bad for many plants due to the below zero temperatures. But all the experts were saying wait and see about the damage. The wait has paid off.

With the freeze this winter, mature trees may experience some damage. To know exactly what damage has occured wait until the trees leaves out.

Bees, birds and butterflies play integral roles in pollinating many of the crops humans rely on for sustenance. The National Pollinator Garden Network, through the National Wildlife Federation, recently launched the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge, an effort to increase the amount of nec…

When designing a new landscape or re-landscaping an existing one it is always a good idea to start with a design. This is especially true when installing beds and borders whether it is done by a do-it-yourselfer or a professional.

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It is too early to tell if the winter freeze has done any damage. However, it is not to early to start planning a new lawn.

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Slicing into the first tomato of the season is a much anticipated moment for gardeners. Tomatoes are among the most popular fruit or vegetable plants grown in home gardens. Much of that popularity may be credited to the fact that red, ripe tomatoes have a delicious, juicy flavor that serves …

There are many shrubs available on the market, but, finding the right shrub and placing it in the right location will save gardeners both time and money. Here are a few shrubs that have done exceptionally well in Lawton.

After a very damaging winter from ice, below zero temperatures, and heavy snowfall, Spring is here! Spring is the time to begin working on those things that need to be changed, cleaned up and added new. Gardeners need to draw up a new plan for new plants and work up the best maintenance prac…

Mother Nature has dwelt Oklahoma another winter blow this year. An ice storm in late October and now below zero temperatures with 6 to 12 inches of snow can cause damage to most plants. Unfortunately, homeowners won’t be able to know the full extent of winter damage until early spring when n…

Plants do best when they are adapted to the environment around them. Plants can’t go anywhere if their environment is poor or if they are threatened by insect or diseases. Several studies have proven that plants can adapt with a little help. Here are some helpful hints in growing plants.

There are almost as many ways to fertilize as there are types of fertilizers. Each offers its own advantages and special use. With a little information any gardeners can buy the right fertilizer for their plants and apply it according to the label.

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