Worms eating your garbage can produce some of the best fertilizer on earth. Earthworm composting or “vermicompost” is a fascinating, fun and easy way to recycle organic kitchen waste.

Snow, rain, 34-degree temperature, 75-degree temperature. Is spring here, yet? Probably not. But it is time to start planning for spring? Spring is the time to begin working on those things that need to be changed, cleaned up and added new. Now is the time to asset the landscape and make pla…

On Saturday the Lawton Farmers Market Institute will hold a Seed Starting 101 Class. The class will be held at the Lawton Farmers Market Winter Market location at Cameron University in the Plant Sciences Building on SW 38th Street and Elsie Hamm Drive. Participants will learn the basics of s…


LAWTON, OK — January is the month to start preparing for a vegetable garden in the backyard. The amount of money invested in seeds, fertilizer and a few tools will more than offset the relaxation, healthy outdoor exercise most gardeners encounter.

LAWTON, OK — For those people who have a difficult time growing anything in a garden or landscape, just remember most places will support some type of plant growth. However, it isn’t always true that every plant will grow in your landscape or garden. Plants have environmental requirements to grow healthy in a particle location.

This new year is a perfect time to plant a tree. Trees can be planted at a resident, a park, a business or along a busy roadway. Trees have that calming effect on most people no matter what the circumstance.

LAWTON, OK — This year, fruit load is heavy on nearly every healthy fruit tree in the state. When these trees are not adequately thinned, they become subject too breaking down under the load, not to mention the production of small fruit. 

LAWTON, OK — Saturday the Lawton Farmers Market will host Christmas at the Farmers Market from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at their winter market location, Cameron University Animal Sciences Building on Southwest 38th Street.

There is an old English rhyme that relates the superstitious belief that killing a spider brings bad luck. The modern homeowner, however, does not have that belief and often desires a home free of spiders.

When homeowners begin looking for trees to plant in a landscape they usually go to the tried and true trees found in the box retail stores. Trees should be selected for their architectural qualities and their interest through particular features such as flowers, foliage, berries and bark. A …

Plants and gardening have been revealing their secrets to the curious for thousands of years. This gradual revelation of knowledge has enabled gardeners to do a better job of growing plants for food, shelter and decorations. Here are a few of those secrets.

Here it is the last full week in October and the fall colors are just beginning to show their color. The changing hues of fall leaves depend upon many factors, including geographical location, growth habit, plant pigmentation and weather.

The Rush Springs TSA (Technology Students Association) will host a VIP luncheon from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Nov. 8 in the old school cafeteria by the high school, 601 W. Blakley, Rush Springs.

As new houses are built, backyard space becomes very limited. To have any garden or flower beds, homeowner many times are forced to install raised beds. If poor soil, in which many homes are built, growing plants in raised bed could be the answer to your problems.

The lawns have greened up after our recent rains and regular mowing has produced many attractive lawns. But many homeowners are experiencing some fast-growing weeds that seem to come from nowhere. Actually, these are perennial grassy weeds that have been there all summer, but just now are in…

Not all plants homeowner encounter are good plants. Nature has many undesirable plants that can cause skin irritation, injury because they have thorny fruit, leaves and stems or poisonous when eaten. Homeowners are likely to encounter these pesky plants at home, work, campgrounds, parks, woo…

In our fast-pace society we are looking for instant plants for our gardens, but by doing this, we miss out on many varieties of plants that commercial growers don’t normally provide. The gardener who raises plants from seed can experience both security and adventure but also disaster.

Saturday the Lawton Farmers Market will move their market location for the morning to the Comanche County Health Department parking lot on S. Sheridan Rd. due to an event being held at the Comanche County Fairgrounds Great Plains Coliseum.

This spring while driving through Oklahoma travelers couldn’t miss the beauty of wildflowers growing on the side of the road. Mother nature grows many of the wildflowers seen, but many have been planted by man. September and October are the months to plant wildflowers for next spring.

September is the beginning of the fall season and gardeners have a second season for planting and maintenance in the landscape.

Gardeners who have their favorite roses and want more or have a friend that wants a variety growing in your yard, should considered starting new plants from cuttings. It’s called propagation or better known as taking stem cuttings and starting new plants.

Do you want to grow something that is different from the same old vegetables or flowers but are easy to grow and have many different uses? Gourds have been used for many centuries, and are still used in many parts of the world. Gardeners can transform the sturdy, colorful gourd into a variet…

The final iris rhizome sale of the season will be presented by the Lawton Area Friends of Iris Society Saturday in Central Mall.

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