"Rise above what they said you'd never be," Powers said is his mantra that's helped him along his way.

Right now, faith in becoming a musician has led him from performing with the Brad Good Band, then with Cade Roth & The Black Sheep to joining the Chance Anderson Band where he made his first real tour of the nation. In December, his talents landed him the shot at the big time when he joined Koe Wetzel's band. Now, with the release of Wetzel's latest album, "Harold Saul High," he's part of something huge.

Within 24 hours of its release, "Harold Saul High" received over 1 million plays online and has gone to number one across all genres on the iTunes music charts. Powers said recording was "stressful" and took "lots of hours" to craft. It led him out of his comfort zone and in the end, brought him home with the band and insight into himself.

Check out a columnist favorite from the album:

•Koe Wetzel - "Sancho" - https://youtu.be/CDmTDYRG5g8.

When he plays his signature Gibson Les Paul, Powers makes it look easy. That's what a natural rock star does and he's shaping up to become one of the best. His story began in Carnegie where he grew up.

"I picked up the guitar at 14," Powers said. "I dropped out of high school my junior year over music. I got my GED a few weeks later and got to work. I had a plan."

Despite small minds that told him he was crazy and that it would never work, Powers said that it provided fuel for the decade to follow. Sometimes plans do come through.

"Were there hard times? Absolutely," he said. "I learned a lot about life. I learned a lot about people and how cruel the world can be. But I also learned how amazing it can be."

Powers credited those who backed him, supported him and uplifted him throughout

journey: his parents and grandparents, Faron Smith, Larry Chrisner, Darren Herrod, Jack Smiley, Richard Clift Jr. and Bobby Dale along with many more "for all of the support and for pushing me to always better

myself. Its been a true blessing."

"I wouldn't trade it for anything," he said. "Especially the hard times. That's when I grew the most as a person."

Those lessons are being shared with Powers' 6-year-old son and fishing buddy, River. The only joy that matches entertaining a crowd with his music is sharing life with his kid. To have a child proud of his parent is the biggest prize of all, he said. Even when you're on the road you're connected.

"Getting to look at my son and hearing him say ‘Daddy, I knew you could do it' makes all of it worth it," Powers said. "And it's been nothing but amazing. Sold out crowds almost every night. It was a big difference from driving a van named Janet all over to hopping on a bus and never looking back."

From East Texas, Wetzel has been heralded as the main man rising up in the modern red dirt/Texas music scene. The music on the new album speaks for itself. With stellar songwriting and Powers' guitar voice, it's a compilation of the innovative rock/country hybrid that makes it a modern music monster.

The band has played to tens of thousands at shows and festivals throughout the country. A high-point was their performance June 1 at a Texas Rangers game in Arlington, Texas. Powers said this is a great payoff. But it only helps pay off the faith that's been put in him.

"I'm finally getting to repay my parents for all the support over the years and getting to live my childhood dream all because I never gave up," Powers said. "My goal is to give that one kid in that small town hope that no matter the circumstances you can do anything you put your mind to. And to keep on keepin' on in the good times and the bad."

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