Cook's Corner: Traditions run deep

Josi Grant shows off several kinds of cookies recently.

When Josi Grant was growing up, both of her parents were great cooks, but they wouldn’t allow her in the kitchen.

So when she got married in 1985, “I burned water.”

“My dad was a cook in the Yugoslavian army and my mom was a really good cook too,” Grant said. “My grandmothers were also excellent cooks, so I had some good examples to follow.”

Grant said that she had her family’s treasured recipes to use though. Her grandmother’s cookies that she usually baked around Christmastime were big hits in the household and Grant has carried on that tradition.

“I am originally from Croatia, but I moved to Germany at an early age,” Grant said. “I married a serviceman and came to Lawton in 1998.

“Around Christmas, I usually bake cookies,” Grant said. “I enjoy using old recipes and the recipe for these cookies is approximately 60-70 years old. I hope everyone enjoys them. I know my family does.”

Sape (Fists)

3 C. flour

1 C. butter, softened

1 C. ground nuts

2 eggs

dash of cinnamon

powdered sugar

Mix all well and put dough into molds or cookie cutters and bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Roll in powdered sugar.

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