It’s been a little bit but Ciera MacKenzie is coming back home to play her music and see old friends and family. She has a lot of catching up to do since her last September 2020 return.

MacKenzie will be performing from 8 to 11 p.m. Saturday, at Robinson’s Landing Marina and BBQ, 1-31 Lake Road.

“I’ve missed Oklahoma so much and I’m happy to be playing in Lawton again,” she said.

Now living in the heart of the Nashville, Tenn., music scene, MacKenzie has been gaining a huge reputation as a performer while also studying in the prestigious Berklee College of Music program. With her last visit, she was readying to travel overseas to perform.

“Most recently I have gone to France not once, but twice in the last four months,” she said. “While I was there, I played house concerts and of course, I went to Paris to visit the Eiffel Tower.”

Pau, France, is where MacKenzie said she primarily took residence with her boyfriend, Nathaniel Caperaa, a French native and “very talented musician,” she said. She performed in Paris, Pau, Bayonne, and Biarritz, France. It was an amazing experience, she said. A taste for the dining grew from the stay, as well.

“I met so many amazing people that I now call friends,” she said. “I also now have a very high standard for croissants.”

Life after the pandemic shutdown has become active in Nashville, MacKenzie said. She performs three to four nights a week, writes songs almost daily and has been recording with Ken Royster who did “Hurricane” for Luke Combs as well as Greg Archilla who produced Matchbox Twenty and Collective Soul.

MacKenzie said she’s been lucky enough while performing in Nashville to perform at some of her favorite venues: Cabana Taps, Alley Taps, Belcourt Taps, and The Local. I’m pretty sure, if you make the trip out, you have a better than average chance to catch her play one or another most night.

Right now, MacKenzie said her focused excitement is Saturday’s performance at Mike Cowing’s beloved venue by Lake Lawtonka.

“I can’t wait to plant my feet firmly on red dirt again, see the big open sky, and say ‘I’m home,’” she said.

Following this short stay, MacKenzie said she’s heading back to Nashville for a pair of scheduled shows. Then it’s back on the road as she heads down the East Coast.

“I’ll be making stops at venues along the way to play shows until I reach Key West for the BMI Songwriters Festival where I will be a featured artist,” she said. “Music will take me to West Virginia, Maine, Kentucky, and Texas this summer.”

For a summer vacation, this sounds like the perfect fit for our young star we remember first performing on local stages when she was a kid. She’s not “kiddin’” around anymore. Check out her lyric video from December 2020 for “Tattoos And Chanel No. 5”:

You can keep up with MacKenzie via all social media platforms (including MySpace), her YouTube channel, as well as all online platforms where you can hear her music.

Saturday night will be worth the drive if you’re a fan of hick hop’s Southwest Oklahoma hero Steven Nuckolls, better known as Knuckles.

Joined by his hype-man, Ryan “Reddirt” Rickert and his full band, he’s planning a big night of music and more. Anthony Spencer and Chasing the Coyote will be opening the multi-genre show and comedian Matt Ferrell is the night’s host.

The show kicks off at 8 p.m. at The Centre Theatre, 110 S. Bickford, in El Reno. Tickets are $10 at the door.

You’re going to want to catch the world premiere of Knuckles’ first video with Reddirt Rickert called “Bringin’ Home the Bacon” slated to premiere May 10 on YouTube:

The Apache Casino Hotel & Event Center is returning to form with its live concert schedule which kicks into gear with a performance by Little Texas at 8 p.m. June 5. It kicks off a string of shows, some newly re-booked, after 2020’s pandemic shutdown and others freshly scheduled.

“We are so excited to have concerts starting again,” said General Manager Lynn Ray. “Live entertainment is a big help to make people feel like life is on the road to recovery.”

Little Texas are a great way to kick things off. With their mix of traditional country themes fused with the look and attitude of modern rock and roll, there’s something for every modern music fan.

Tickets range from $20-$30 and are on sale for the Little Texas show and can be purchased at the casino cage or online:

Guests must be 21 or older to attend the concert and valid identification is required.

Additional concerts on the schedule are Cheech & Chong, Queensryche, Great White, Slaughter, Vixen, Kansas and America. Other shows are being added for fall.

For a complete, up-to-date schedule of concerts at Apache Casino Hotel, visit the website:

One of the coolest consolations to the past year’s pandemic shutdown has been the search for ”Songs for the Sequestration.”

Thanks to Tik Tok, it seems there’s a sudden relevance to the world of sea shantys. Although this song’s over a decade old, I quickly categorize it as my favorite of the style. I credit, both, the missus and Gary Reddin with making this song really make its mark. The Decemberists do something unique with ”The Mariner’s Revenge Song,” they kick an ancient style into the rock and roll era with this epic tale:

If you’ve never fallen in love with the gypsy-punk storytelling and revelry of Gogol Bordello, this performance on NPR: Tiny Desk Concerts is one of the best things around. What’s to say? This 2010 event is best experienced:

Finally, one of my favorite bands around, Sleep has issued its musical call for “Clarity” with this epic new release from April 20. It’s an epic journey into a wall of sound and groove that travels worlds away over its near 10 minute run:

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