Duncan Bridal show

A volunteer models a wedding dress in a promotional photo for the upcoming Wedding Boutique Bridal Show in Duncan.

DUNCAN — Carissa Craig has been working toward holding a bridal show in Duncan for the last 5 years and she wasn’t going to let a little thing like a global pandemic stand in her way.

Craig, the owner of the Wedding boutique, 815 W Walnut Ave in Duncan, has partnered with the Historic Palace Theatre to launch the inaugural Wedding Boutique Bridal Show on July 26.

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, the biggest problem Craig had with planning the bridal show was finding a space in Duncan large enough to host it. Craig has put together bridal shows in other towns, including Lawton, but really wanted to host one in her hometown of Duncan.

“There is a lot of planning that goes into it, trying to line everything up just right…it’s been challenging to say the least,“ Craig said. “And now with the COVID stuff everything is being delayed as far as shipments, there’s fabric held up in customs in different countries…if we didn’t have to deal with this stuff it would be a lot easier.”

But Craig is pushing forward in defiance of the odds that are stacked against the little bridal show that could. After securing a partnership with the Historic Palace Theatre to host the show inside, Craig was elated.

“Haley at the Palace has helped us with a lot of stuff,” Craig said. “She has a double theatre there and one of them has this nice platform at the front and when we found out she had that available it all fell into place.”

The addition of the Palace as the show’s venue was perfect, according to Craig. The seats in the theatre are at an incline allowing everyone in attendance to have a perfect view of the events happening on the stage.

“There’s no bad place to sit in there,” Craig said.

While the show itself will feature a bevy of bridal gowns worn by local volunteers, the parking lot outside the Palace will also be jumping with live music, food and wedding related vendors available to help couples at any stage of their wedding planning.

“That way when it is all over people can go outside, have a seat, grab a bite to eat and listen to music,” Craig said. “We have 24 space available that we are renting out to vendors, space is limited, and it is first come first serve. We’re not going to have a bunch of the same vendors there. You know, there is no reason to have 5 DJs or whatever. We’re trying to keep it small and quaint; we’re picking the best in the businesses.”

While the planning has been hectic, Craig has enjoyed working with the volunteers who will be modeling the dresses at the show. In particular, Craig said she loves when a girl tries on a style of dress she has been told she “couldn’t or shouldn’t wear,” and realizes she can.

“I don’t know where it came from that some styles you can’t wear for whatever reason as a bride. All girls can wear any dress,” Craig said. “Sometimes it just takes tweaking.”

She plans to have 60 or more dresses on display at the show, all of which will be available at the Wedding Boutique for interested brides-to-be.

“I think everybody will really enjoy it,” Craig said.

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