A selection of new Adult non-fiction books has arrived at the Lawton Public Library, 110 SW 4th. To reserve a book, visit the library website at www.lawtonok.gov/departments/library, then click on “your account.”

You will need a library card and a PIN to reserve books. Books also may be reserved in person or by calling the library at 581-3450, ext. 4.

“Hymns Of The Republic,” by S. C. Gwynne.

“Mafia Spies,” by Thomas Maier.

“The Narrow Corridor,” by Daron Acemoglu & James Robinson.

“The Russian Job,” by Douglas Smith.

“Tools And Weapons,” by Brad Smith and Carol Browne.

“The Tyranny Of Virtue,” by Robert Boyers.

“The Way I Heard It,” by Mike Rowe.

“The Winter Army,” by Maurice Isserman.

Denise Flusche, Librarian


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