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It’s the beginning of a new year, and like clockwork you can anticipate that prescription drug prices will rise. Pharmaceutical manufacturers regularly jack up their prices in January.

DEAR ABBY: During my teenage years, I was repeatedly raped by my brother. The emotional and physical damage has left my life broken. He is now in a long-term relationship. Should I tell his girlfriend about the abuse? When I confronted him about it years ago, he denied it. If you were his gi…

LAWTON, OK — The Apache Casino Hotel has reopened its loft bar area stage in the casino and are offering a jackpot to local bands looking for a good gig, comedy is on tap at the Vaska Theatre and a new song from Father John Misty. 

There are hundreds of varieties of trees, shrubs, vines and perennials to choose from when landscaping a new site. These plants make up the masses and define the space in any landscape design. Therefore, when selecting plants, consider both the cultural needs as well as the aesthetic value.

DEAR ABBY: When my husband and I fight, which isn’t really that often, he shuts himself away for several days. He locks the door to his office or the guest room and won’t come out. I try to give him time to cool off, but sometimes it’s awkward. He wouldn’t talk to me at all for several days …

We take a lot of technology for granted these days, and why wouldn’t we? We are living in an age of technological marvels, but when the miraculous is commonplace it tends to lose the “wow” factor that it might have held five or ten years prior.

DEAR ABBY: My fiance, “Peter,” has a number of female friends I’m not comfortable with, primarily because they are women he “had” interest in before we started dating. He says he has told them he’s taken now and they can’t be more than friends, but I don’t think they got the message. He rece…

Q. I suffer from arthritis pain in my joints and muscle pain due to old injuries as an athlete. This limits my ability to exercise. I have hypothyroidism, so I have difficulty losing weight and managing my blood pressure as a result of the ongoing pain as well as the NSAIDs I take for it.

DEAR ABBY: My girlfriend, “Dyanne,” and I recently had a baby conceived not long after we started dating. While I love my child with all my heart, Dyanne is constantly dropping hints that she wants an engagement ring or a “promise ring.” I understand why because she has explained her reasons…

Sometimes called the “silent thief of sight”. Glaucoma is an eye disease that slowly causes damage to the eye and can cause irreparable harm and possible vision loss.

DEAR ABBY: How do you know when a grandparent is no longer capable of babysitting? Recently, my mother-in-law came to visit and, as usual, she babysat our toddler while I ran errands, went to the gym, etc.

Q. I have had atrial fibrillation (AFib) for 15 years. Recently, I read about a study of fish oil at Cedars-Sinai. Apparently, the combination of EPA and DHA can cause AFib if the dose is over 1 gram.

DEAR ABBY: A year and a half ago, I separated from my husband because I was being neglected, not respected, and mistreated emotionally. During the separation, he had to have surgery and needed to be taken care of while he healed. I went back because, as his wife, I felt obligated to do the r…

Frances Hair Weger was born on a snowy January day in 1922 near Sterling to M.M. and Lily McCall Hair. The oldest of four children, she was delivered by her step-grandmother because the doctor could not get there due to ice-packed roads.

Kelly Yarbrough and Polly Thurston are landscape artists who have been friends since they both graduated from Austin College in Sherman, Texas. Through Feb. 27, their art will be featured at the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center in Duncan.

DEAR ABBY: I need some advice regarding my mother-in-law. She has hated me since the first time she met me because I’m not from the country but from “the city.” I have given her gifts for birthdays and holidays and invited her on day trips with us, but she always refuses.

DEAR ABBY: I’m a 38-year-old woman who used to be nice. Then I had a three-year affair. Knowing I’m one of America’s bigger fools — and for such a long time — is infuriating, but I finally saw the light. The only person I think is a bigger fool than me is his wife.

LAWTON, OK — Dwight Cope is excited about his return as Events Coordinator for the Medicine Park music festivals and Cade Roth & The Black Sheep release the third stellar single from their upcoming release. 

If you look out across your lawn, today, there are very few, if any, weeds growing in the lawn. Trust me they are there. Because of colder temperatures and little rainfall, they haven’t emerged from the soil. Control should begin as soon as they germinate and start growing.

FDEAR ABBY: For the past three years I’ve been with a man I believe is the love of my life. Early on, he admitted to a porn addiction that has plagued him his entire life and sabotaged past relationships. With my support, he began his first real attempt at recovery, which included a team of …

DEAR ABBY: I am becoming more and more irritated with people. My fuse is short and I’m prone to bursts of anger. Today I watched another driver run a red light, and I proceeded to honk my horn, lower my window and give the guy my middle finger. (Yeah, I know it was risky, but I couldn’t resi…

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Sony enters the second full calendar year of the PlayStation 5 with amazing momentum blunted only by the inability to get enough consoles into the hands of customers in desperate need.

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There was a time when a bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson stood on the north side (Pennsylvania Avenue) of the White House lawn. It is no longer there. What is the story?

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DEAR ABBY: My husband and I got married during the pandemic in a short ceremony. Our first year of marriage has been less a honeymoon than a nightmare. He tends to be hotheaded. He fights dirty with name-calling, which he had occasionally done previously, but since we’ve been living together…

DEAR ABBY: My niece is getting married this spring, which has created a dilemma for my immediate family. When the save-the-date cards went out, she addressed them only to the women in the family. We thought it was a mistake at first, but now the invitations have arrived, and they are also ad…

Q. I am a pharmacologist, recently retired at age 71. In my opinion, the blood pressure guidelines need to be carefully considered in those of us who are healthy, thin and active with a BP in the 140/90 range.

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