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LAWTON, OK —Eve Sandstrom’s mother was always a fan of mysteries. It was a trait shared between mother and daughter. As a young girl Sandstrom, with permission from her mother, devoured mystery novels from Nancy Drew to Agatha Christie. By the time she was 8 she was reading adult mystery books.

LAWTON, OK — COVID-19 crashes Cashroh's plans for April tour and the first week of #VirtualSoundemoniumFest a great beginning to a dark time.

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LAWTON, OK — Azaleas are perhaps the premier flowering shrub. Even though they are sold in retail stores here, azaleas do not grow well in Southwest Oklahoma without a lot of soil preparation and site evaluation.

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DUNCAN — The library has always been a place of research. The quiet stacks of books have been at the forefront of learning since the first librarian shushed a particularly loud Greek philosopher. Libraries have weathered the worst the world has thrown at them and always come out on top.

DEAR ABBY: This is an open letter to all those women who write to you knowing their men cheated on them and then ask, “Should I marry him?” In their hearts they already know the answer; they just want YOU to tell them “NO!”

DEAR ABBY: My husband barely speaks to me. We both work full time and are facing the empty nest very soon. At home, I have to initiate even the smallest of small talk. He’ll never say “Good morning” or ask “How was your day?” Although I work hard to keep the house the way he likes it, he spe…

LAWTON, OK — A selection of new Adult Mystery books has arrived at the Lawton Public Library, 110 SW 4th. To reserve a book, visit the library website at www.lawtonok.gov/departments/library, then click on “your account.”

You will need a library card and a PIN to reserve books. Books also may be reserved in person or by calling the library at 581-3450, ext. 4.


As the Coronavirus continues its march across the country, movie theaters remain shutdown for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t mean we’re completely devoid of entertainment. Thankfully, streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu offer an abundance of options — new and old — f…

Plants on a deck, balconies, or around a patio can accomplish many designs to enhance the beauty of the area. With some thought to selecting flowering plants, foliage plants and small fruit, almost any plant can be adapted to growing in a container or pot.

LAWTON, OK — A selection of new Juvenile fiction books has arrived at the Lawton Public Library, 110 SW 4th. To reserve a book, visit the library website at www.lawtonok.gov/departments/library, then click on “your account.”

LAWTON, OK — As COVID-19 forces society to a grinding halt, artists are lifting each other up and pulling each other forward through friendship and a shared passion. In Lawton, the Arts for All organization is the glue that is holding the various groups together. 

LAWTON, OK — As the nation and the world continue to battle the Coronavirus, theaters have shut down and the latest Hollywood movies have been put on the backburner. I’ll be highlighting movies and content available on Netflix and other streaming services. We can all find something to watch — be it quality entertainment, or not so much — while we wait out this storm. 

DEAR ABBY: I have had a serious boyfriend for six months. He’s wonderful, a dream come true. But I find myself more depressed and suicidal than ever. Mom tells me I don’t have any reason to be depressed since I have a boyfriend. It’s like she thinks I have no right to still be despondent ove…

LAWTON, OK — Drop Dead Dammit dropped a new single as ready their EP for release but the Coronavirus-induced state of emergency has them finding new ways to get their music out to the public, shut out of a busy live performance schedule is costing Gannon Freemin & CCRev the momentum to get their new album released and are looking to crowdsourcing.

LAWTON, OK — Plant diseases can reduce the quantity and quality of food, fiber, and ornamental products from the time of planting to harvest, usage or storage. Spraying with a chemical is not the key to disease prevention. Controlling plant diseases takes a little preplanning, but can go a long way to prevention.

Concerts for Easton Corbin, scheduled for Friday, and America, scheduled for April 2 at Apache Casino Hotel in Lawton are being postponed by the respective bands and being rescheduled, the casino announced Friday.

LAWTON, OK — A selection of new Juvenile picture books has arrived at the Lawton Public Library, 110 SW 4th. To reserve a book, visit the library website at www.lawtonok.gov/departments/library, then click on “your account.”

LAWTON, OK — Head Ned, lead singer for the Simpson's inspired band Okilly Dokilly took time from working on his taxes to speak with the columnist about the band's humble origins and an upcoming show in Oklahoma City, last Thursday was well spent at the Open Mic Night with Big Pete Piehnik at Red Dirt Reloaded, and the column's radio show puts together a great mix tape. 

LAWTON, OK — There are three main things to remember when purchasing plants for the landscape: choosing the right plant, picking a health plant and then taking care of them. None of these are difficult task, but homeowner can improve their chances of success by arming themselves with good information before the purchase is made.

Activision announced Monday that “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” would receive a free-to-play battle royale add-on, “Warzone.” The game mode launched Tuesday, and is free to all players — even those who do not own a copy of the latest “Call of Duty” title. Perhaps taking a page out of EA’s pl…


LAWTON, OK —Tomorrow afternoon the Lawton Book and Play Review Club will welcome back Rebecca Blackwood for a presentation on the book “American Princess” written by Stephanie Marie Thornton. This is Blackwood’s fifth time to present to the club in what has become an annual tradition for the former English teacher.

We all have heard about the Trail of Tears left by the Five Civilized Tribes when they were forced by the government in the 1830s to move from their homeland in the Southeast into Oklahoma.

LAWTON, OK — Fun, fellowship and a whole lot of singing — that’s what the Lawton Harmony Chorus is offering during its upcoming open house.

LAWTON, OK — The LaSill Optimist Youth Orchestra and Sinfonia will perform their spring concert Monday. The groups are supported by the LaSill Optimist Club and have been performing for seven years. Kathy Liticker is the conductor of the youth Orchestra and Wayne White is the conductor for Sinfonia. Both groups are overseen by music advisor Susan Diekman.

Q. My husband had severe pain in his legs and hips. A friend told us about using golden raisins soaked in gin. He started taking this and experienced remarkable improvement. He is not sure if this pain was from traumatic arthritis, as he had a major accident in the past.

DEAR ABBY: A short time ago, I experienced a terrible loss. I came home from work one evening and found “Martin,” my boyfriend of almost 17 years, dead at the bottom of the stairs. I later found out he had been drinking.

LAWTON, OK — The Redgrass Sting Band's Rick Fowble joined Rodney Whaley to share their notions of the upcoming Park Stomp 2020 events set for March 13-15, and Dweezil Zappa showcases stunning musicianship and with with a performance of his father Frank Zappa's "Hot Rats" while in Oklahoma City. 

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