Lawton high school football coach Ryan Breeze summed up last Thursday’s defeat to Stillwater in the only way that made any sense given the final result, “we got our butts kicked.”

“We just didn’t play well,” Breeze said of his team’s 62-14 loss to Stillwater. “I knew they would be hard to stop, but it doesn’t help when you give them five touchdowns.”

Breeze said his team dug a hole early and just could not recover against the Pioneers.

“We had two blown coverages early in the game and the turnovers killed us,” he said.

On a positive note, Breeze said that despite the score his team played hard the entire game.

“We played a physical game,” he said. “We beat them up quite a bit. I am proud that our team never gave up despite the score.”

This week the Wolverines will face Choctaw in what is a must win game if Lawton is to have any chance of making the playoffs this season. The Yellowjackets currently occupy the fourth spot in 6A II District I and if the Wolverines want a top four finish they will need to beat Choctaw at home Friday evening as Lawton currently sits behind the Yellowjackets in the district standings.

“They (Choctaw) run a lot of different formations on offense, I think we counted 39 different formations,” Breeze said. “Defensively they run one basic scheme but they mix up their coverages quite a bit.”

Breeze praised Choctaw senior quarterback Thad Williams who is said is a very good athlete that the Yellowjackets roll out frequently in passing situations to take advantage of his athletic ability.

“In this game we are going to have to line up, as they move quickly on offense and we are going to have to tackle well in space,” Breeze said.

Breeze said that against Stillwater the Wolverines did not tackle well and that as a team they will need to improve in order to beat Choctaw.

“We continue to drill it (tackling) into their heads,” Breeze said. “Each kid got 15 today focusing on the importance of tackling.”

Strength program geared to maximize each player

Breeze said he felt the team has a strong strength and conditioning program.

He said what makes the program a good one is that it is tailored to each player.

“We design a workout for each individual athlete,” he said. “Based upon where that athlete is we specify the amount of weight, reps and sets to help them improve where they need it most.”

As an example he gave this week’s featured player, senior offensive lineman Josh Inserra as an example. He said over the last season Inserra put on 30 pounds of muscle working out to develop his physique, while keeping his speed and flexibility.

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