We had a couple of near-misses last week, with 11-in-a-row ‘honors’ being recorded by John Troutman and by Michael Gillian.

Troutman was bowling in the TNT league at Thunderbird Lanes, where he struggled with opening games of 180 and 223 before the pins started to cooperate and before long, strikes were all the way through the 9th, 10th and 11th frames of game three.

It was reported that the last shot went wide right and did not make it back to the headpin, leaving the 1-2-4-10 washout and a 296 score for the 11-in-a-row consolation.

A bit of research shows this to be the second 11-in-a-row score for Troutman that could have meant perfection, the first was some 21 years ago so that may have had something to do with that last throw?

Troutman earned high series honors for the night thanks to his big closing game, 699 was it though, ouch!

Gillian was bowling in the Goodyear league at Thunderbird when he was faced with the other 11-in-a-row, the one that started in frame two, as opposed to the first frame.

An 11-in-a-row nonetheless, and one with so much more meaning back when it earned the bowler a little prize for the accomplishment.

After starting the session with a 238 game, Gillian rolled a spare in the first frame of game two and then proceeded to record strikes in the remaining frames for a 290 score.

Game three was more of the same and when the whistle blew, Gillian had a 247 for game three and a 775 for the night’s high series.

In other Goodyear league news, coming off last week’s perfect game, David Fishbeck was still in the zone with this week’s scores of 242, 237 and 254 for a 733 and Ted Williams was knocking at the door with a 695 thanks to a 265 closer.

Other League Highlights

The Suburban league submitted the week’s high series, another ‘clean 30’ 799 set, this time by Ray Johnson.

Johnson put together games of 289, 243 and 267 without an open frame to score the series.

Jim Bomboy was next-best in the Suburban with 744 that went 258, 207 and 279, followed by Troy Hardin and Tim Lundquist on the 700’s list.

Hardin rolled 257, 194 and 259 for a 710 and Lundquist shot 235, 252 and 214 for a 701.

Hardin also made the His and Hers highlight reel, posting 207, 248 and 276 for a 731 as reported by Secretary Jeff Janssen who clocked out at 713 on games of 229, 217 and 267.

Bob Carter led for high series on a high scoring week on the senior front with a 743 on games of 269, 258 and 216, bowled in the Socialites.

Kenny Ratke got top billing in the Goodtimes for a 730 set that went 215, 279 and 236, followed by Carter with 718 on games of 246, 268 and 204 and Richard Jacoby with 706 thanks to a 278 closer.

And in the Entertainers, Ronnie King sandwiched a nice 289 game between games of 225, and 211 to lead with a 725, followed by Dale Perry who rolled 238, 259 and 218 for a 715.

Perry and his son Chad both made the Early Birds list with Dale the low man with a 712 on games of 258, 213 and 241.

Chad went 279, 213 and 224 for a 716 but, according to Secretary Gary Sammons, Jimmy Prater was up to his old tricks again on this Monday evening.

Sammons said, “After a not-so-special first game, Prater found a spot he liked in game number two to roll a nice 255. In game number three, he found the strikes easily attainable as he rolled the first nine en route to a super 287 game. He left the 4-10 in the first ball of the tenth and said he knew it didn’t stand a chance the second he let go of the ball.”

Prater tallied out at 721 to take high game and series honors for the Early Birds this week.

And in the Guys and Dolls, Bruce Flack led with a 710 that included games of 245, 217 and 248.

Youth Bowling

Mikey York took high series honors for youth last week with 507 and Maddox Swietek got high game billing for a 183, both scored in the TBird Legends at Thunderbird Lanes.

Joseph Resler led in the TBird HotShots U12 group with a 309 series that included the 122 that was the high game of the day as well.

And William Hern rolled his second career 100 game in the TBird MiniShots, setting a new career high score of 115.

No-Tap News

Kenny Ratke topped no-tap scoring with 831 posted in the Tuesday No-Tappers on games of 278, 300 and 253.

Roy Olson was distant second with 246, 277 and 220 for 743 and Andrew Jones was one happy bowler with a career high game of 277, even it was no-tap (nine or better) scoring. That’s what makes it so much fun.

Barely more than a handful of bowlers were in attendance for the Senior 9-Pin No-Tap Colorama back on Oct. 15th.

Those present made the most of it and took home a few bucks for their efforts.

James Williams was the first place winner in the men’s handicap division with 749, followed by Bob Henderson for second place with 722.

Margit Augustine took first place for the ladies with 755, followed by Sue Avis with 680.

The Scratch Series winners were Mike McLester with 701 and Randy Travis with 606.

Mystery Doubles paid only first place for each game. The results are:

(Gm 1, 1st) Margit Augustine/Sue Avis, 496

(Gm 2, 1st) James Williams/Elaine Henderson, 534

(Gm 3, 1st) Randy Travis/Damon Foster, 501

Strike pot winners were Margit Augustine, Robert Lansberry and Damon Foster.

James Williams busted with a twenty-two count going for the “21” Jackpot in the first of five special Challenge Shots laid out for the event.

Sue Avis made a run at Match Play with an eight count but only got seven on her second roll and Damon Foster needed seven but knocked over eight for the Pill Draw show.

The newly added Snake Bite ticket put a little jingle in Robert Lansberry’s pocket after leaving a 2-7 split to win the purse while Waldo lived to see another Friday as Sue Avis and Randy Travis both let him get away.

The Senior 9 Pin No-Tap Colorama is held every Friday afternoon at 1 p.m. at Thunderbird lanes for senior bowlers age 50 and over with verifiable averages.

Tournament Season Approaching

Entries for the 17th annual Greater Lawton-Fort Sill Bowling Association Open Championship Tournament is available at all area bowling centers.

The event will be held at Twin Oaks Bowling Center on November 6-7, 13-14, featuring Team, Doubles, Singles and All Events.

Entry fee is $20 per person per event with $5 optional for all events scratch/handicap.

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