If you are looking for the highest scores rolled in town last week, look no further than the Wednesday night Fall Po-Boy series at Thunderbird Lanes.

Tournament director Richard Jacoby reported, “Twenty-one players took to the lanes for the second of six Fall Po-Boy Singles events.”

Mark Hill led the group with games of 256 and 268 for a 524 top seed qualifying set.

Defending champion Tory Morales was a close second with games of 227 and 279 for a 506.

The remaining in the top eight advancing to the match play bracket were Mike Wilson (480), Bill Oakes (473), Shannon Coleman (472), Tony Faustner (464), Craig Foster (455) and Marc Scholl (445).

First alternate was Michael Pierson with 437.

In the first round, Hill advanced over Scholl and Oakes squeaked by Coleman, needing all three strikes in the tenth to win 240-239.

Wilson moved on over Faustner 220-205 and in an upset, Foster sent Morales packing, with a 255 scratch score.

Oakes beat Hill 213-197 in the semis and Wilson advanced over Foster 194-191 to set up for the championship round where Oakes took care of business to win this week’s title 240-227.

Hill and Foster shared 3rd and 4th place.

League Highlights

There were just over a handful of 700 series’ rolled last week and two of them, by the same bowler.

Kudos to Jim Bomboy for a 737 in the Suburban league on games of 243, 268 and 226 and for a 713 in the His and Hers that went 259, 205 and 249.

The His and Hers was also the setting for the week’s highs by the unstoppable Chad Perry.

Chad started the night with the front ten strikes to post the high game of the week of 289 and then rolled 216 and 267 to capped off a 772 for the week’s high series.

Bomboy had the high series in the Suburban but he wasn’t alone in the 700 club.

Brandon Tipton joined with games of 234, 243 and 245 for a 722 and Demetrius Wilcox shot 213, 247, 247 for a 707.

Following the Po-Boy, Mark Hill added to his week’s take, games of 226, 238 and 267 for a 731 and the TNT league high set.

And the senior league bowler of the week was Dale Perry with a 716 from the Socialites on games of 213, 235 and 268.

Senior league high game honors went to Duane Hurwitz for a 279 rolled in the Golden Years.

Youth Highlights

Carter Croft had the youth high series of 532 and Caden Burk had the high game and only 200 this week of 214, both while bowling in the TBird Legends.

Jake Croft was a tad shy of average but still had the HotShots high series of 356, where Avery Hill post-ed the high game of 124.

Due to the holiday, Twin Oaks youth was not in session last Monday evening.

No-Tap Colorama News

For the second week in a row, Dan Nicar has been the man with the plan, this week scoring 288, 266 and 263 to lead in the Tuesday No-Tappers league at Thunderbird Lanes with big 817 for series.

The Oct. 9th Senior No-Tap Colorama saw five no-tap 300 games starting with the winner, Mike McLester who rolled 287, 287 and 300 for an 874 score that took first in both handicap and scratch events.

Sam Bowman settled for second in both events with 813/858 on games of 235, 300 and 278 and Johnnie Scheid followed suit, taking third is both events with no-tap games of 300, 246 and 264 for an 810/834.

Robert Copeland and Gary Webster also posted No-tap 300 games but were further down in the stand-ings.

Below are the tournament results.

Men’s Division Hdcp.

1st – Mike McLester, 874

2nd – Sam Bowman, 858

3rd – Johnnie Scheid, 834

Women’s Division Hdcp.

1st – Sue Avis, 755

Scratch Series

1st – Mike McLester, 874

2nd – Sam Bowman, 813

3rd – Johnnie Scheid, 810

Mystery Doubles

(Gm 1, 1st) Sam Bowman/Robert Copeland, 557

(Gm 1, 2nd) Johnnie Scheid/Hazel Gary, 548

(Gm 2, 1st) Don Ginter Jr./Gary Webster, 606

(Gm 2, 2nd) Charles Norman/Mike McLester, 561

(Gm 3, 1st) Damon Foster/Cleo Travis, 598

(Gm 3, 2nd) Sam Bowman/Robert Copeland, 558

Strike pot winners:

Michael Sneed, Damon Foster, Robert Copeland, Gary Webster

Special Ticket results:

21 Jackpot: Randy Travis (X+8+7=25): No winner

Match Play: Elaine Henderson (X – 9 — out): No winner

Pill Draw: Sam Bowman (needed 7, got 6): No winner

Waldo: Johnnie Scheid (removed the head pin, left three): No winner

The senior 9-Pin No-Tap Colorama is held every Friday afternoon, starting at 1pm and is open to all bow-lers with verifiable averages who are age 50 and above.

What’s Happening?

Thunderbird Lanes has several tournaments coming up including the weekly Po-Boy, Wednesday nights starting at 7PM. Entry is $20 per person.

Slated for Sunday, November 1st at noon, the “Spooktacular 2020 — Three Strikes, You’re Out”.

Entry fee is $60 per person.

And on the books for November 28-29, the No-Tap Madness, Singles featuring men’s and women’s divi-sions.

This is another cheap one at only $20 per entry.

All entries and additional information is available at Thunderbird Lanes.

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