Brandon Bowers and Lori Silva won the Mixed Scotch Doubles crown at Thunderbird Lanes’ 8th annual Luck O’ the Irish.

The tournament that was supposed to have happened back in mid-March, around the time of St. Patrick’s Day, was held last weekend at Thunderbird Lanes where 19 teams geared up for some scotch doubles action.

After the typical confusing start, teams figured out exactly what we were trying to get them to do by actually alternating each and every ball thrown to complete each game, everything went pretty smooth. But I’ve got to tell you, that first couple of frames was a little hectic.

Nonetheless, strikes allowed bowlers to switch who would throw first, but when it comes right down to it, spares will win every time.

Based on the number of entries, the field cut to the top 12 for the semi’s and two added games, as if the teams weren’t already a little tired of picking up their partner’s mess.

Top seed after qualifying was the defending champion team of Kathy and Paul Zerbe. Looking for a repeat, the Zerbe’s put games of 184, 245 and 223 together for a handicap score of 700 on the nose.

It took 603 to make it into the semifinals, a score rolled by Shirley and Roger Hanley who were packing up and heading home before the cut number was announced.

Needless to say, Roger had to put his bowling shoes back on.

These two teams flip-flopped after scores were entered for the semis, placing the Hanley’s in first with games of 248 and 205 for a 485-handicap and the Zerbe’s making the final cut in eighth with 430.

The top eight teams drew for lanes once more and back to the drawing board they went, for two more games to determine the final position standings.

By now, the remaining teams had a rhythm and it was game on, especially for a young couple, new to our bowling community, Lori Silva and Brandon Bowers.

Silva and Bowers, transplants from Oceanside, California, have only bowled in the Po-Boy Tournaments at Thunderbird Lanes but they quickly found the line and put games of 242 and 191 together to win the 8th Annual Luck O’ the Irish Mixed Scotch Doubles with a 501 handicap total.

Taking second place was a surprised and very happy Liz Patterson and Don Ginter Jr. for a 480 series. Happier that she was getting her name in the newspaper than for the win, either way, Liz was ecstatic.

Taking third with 461 was Craig Foster and Andrea Halstead and defending champs, Kathy and Paul Zerbe landed in fourth with 455.

Finishing in fifth through eighth for even money were Kristi and Danny Gonzalez, Amy Copeland with Duane Hurwitz, Roger and Shirley Hanley and Carla Dewberry with James Biscaino.

Note to those who had paid their entry prior to the postponement and did not participate in the tournament: under the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, your entry is 100 percent refundable and is being held at the tournament office. See me at Thunderbird Lanes.

Brown Wins High Scoring Po-Boy

Last Monday night’s Po-Boy was filled with high scoring according to tournament director Richard Jacoby who reported the following on the night’s festivities.

“Just when things were starting to look a little shaky, because there were hardly any bowlers signed up for the event, the bus unloaded and 28 players were on the roster for Monday’s regular format Po-Boy tournament.

The top sixteen after two games qualified for the match play bracket.

Kellan Hill was top seed with 541 on games of 246 and 277, Duncan McDonald was second with 269-211, a 505, and Mark Hill rolled 495 on games of 216 and 279.

After two more games the final four were Stephanie McCoy, Bob Swearingen, Sam Bowman and Britney Brown.

After getting in the match play at the 15th spot, Brown got serious and ran the field to win the event, beating Swearingen in the finals 214-190.”

Jacoby went on to say that other high games include a 289 by Sam Bowman, Mason Sterkel rolled 269 and 279, Brandon Bowers posted 277 and Andrew McCann shot 276 and 279.

And until further notice, Po-Boy tournaments will be held each and every Monday night at 7pm with the regular format. Please help the guy out and sign up early.

On the League Front

It looks like Troy Hardin was the area hot hand last week, scoring 752 on his first three games in the Summer Scratch Trio of 229, 245 and 278, before adding a 258 for the leagues second one-thousand series, a 1010.

Bowling in the same league, James Biscaino rolled 279, 221 and 233 for 733, plus a 243 closer for 976.

And Jeff McCoy put together a 717 on games of 249, 232 and 236.

And closing out the high rollers list was Mark Hill with a 717 from the TNT league on games of 227, 266 and 224.

Kellan Hill rolled the hard luck 698 set, also in the TNT league where he had games of 224, 232 and 242.

No-Tap News

The Socialites league ended their season with a no-tap event where Bob Swearingen took first place for the men with 840, followed by Cleo Travis, 833, Billy Carrion, 823, Sam Bowman, 816 and Jerry Hill, 804.

Bowman was the only bowler to manage a no-tap 300 game during the annual nickel-mania.

Marianne Hartley took first place for the ladies with 810, followed by Maria Garcia’s 786.

The Tuesday No-Tappers league did not have a lot to brag about aside from a 280 starter by Gene Augustine and the league high series of the day of 734 by Brant Hill, at least for the adult side.

Bowling in the youth No-Tap league, Mikey York put up a nice 747 for the high series of the day on games of 264, 229 and 254.

Carl Christman was last week’s Senior 9-Pin No Tap Colorama winner in the men’s division with 851 on games of 243, 207 and 287.

Cleo Travis was second with 836 that went 171, 246 and 266.

Diane Frame won the ladies division with 800 on the money with games of 200, 201 and 279.

Sam Bowman took scratch singles with 788 on games of 265, 278 and 245, followed by Damon Foster’s 713.

Mystery Doubles winners were Sam Bowman with Don Ginter Jr., 581, and Carl Christman with Dave Bloomer, 534.

Game two went to Damon Foster and Sue Avis, 537, followed by Cleo Travis and Carl Tucker, 535.

And the team of Travis and Tucker took first in game three with 575, followed by Christman and Bloomer with 554.

Randy Travis, Carl Christman and James Williams all took home some strike pot ticket money while the Special Shots portions remained unscathed.

The senior 9-Pin No-Tap Colorama is held every Friday afternoon, starting at 1pm. This event is open to all bowlers with verifiable averages age 50 and above.

Goodtimes Finish 2019-2020 season

Ending a 36-week season that lasted a whole lot longer than that was the Goodtimes league where team Dream Builders took first with 95 wins for the year. Bowling on the team were Bob Carter with Dave Johnson and yours truly.

Coming in second place was “Thunder”, Darrel Conrad with Dee Gustafson and Cle Cox and third place went to “Hot Stuff”, JP Nauman, Lydia Seymour and Rick Olson.

Bob Carter picked up another high average honor with a league ending average of 219.23 as did Teri Jester who, even though she opted not to return due to the corona scare, had enough cushion to claim the honor for the ladies with 202.99.

And most improved bowlers were Ronnie King with an increase of 23.26 pins and Kathi Keithley who went up 6.83 pins for the year.

This is a three person, any combo, and senior (50+) league, bowling on Thursday afternoons at Thunderbird Lanes if you are in the senior league market.

The Goodtimes fall/winter 2020/2021 league will meet and bowl on August 12th.

What’s Happening?

Annual Greater Lawton-Fort Sill USBC Association open meeting will be held on Saturday, August 22nd, at the VFW Post 5263, located at 103 NE 20th Street, Lawton.

The meeting will start at 1PM. All bowlers who are members of USBC are encouraged to attend.

USBC Rule about holes that you aren’t using for gripping purposes? August 1st bowlers…time is up. If your bowling ball has a weight hole it must be plugged to be legal and if you bowl without a thumb but there is a thumbhole in the ball, it must be plugged as well. Basically no holes allowed in any bowling ball that you aren’t using for gripping.

And, league schedules/sign up boards are out at Twin Oaks, Fort Sill, and Thunderbird Lanes, Lawton. Looking for a bowling league? There is something available for everyone.

In closing…

As you have read above, Bob Swearingen had a good week on the lanes. He won the Socialites end of season No-Tap event and made it to the finals in the Po-Boy, against some pretty tough competition.

What you didn’t read was that Mr. Swearingen went to work on Wednesday morning and passed away, a total shock to all that knew him.

It goes without saying that Mr. Swearingen will be missed on the bowling scene but knowing how much he truly loved the game, we would like to think that he was sending all of us a message in his untimely passing.

Perhaps that life is too short to worry about the small stuff like corner pins or splits that are virtually impossible to pick up, but instead cherish every strike, every spare and every game as you never know when it might be your last.

Rest in peace Bob Swearingen.

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