Honoring first responders

Last Friday’s game was played on the 19th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. As a tribute to the men and women who were first on the scene that day, the coaching staffs for both MacArthur and Lawton High donned Lawton Fire Department hats during the game. And even though none of the players on either team were alive for that fateful day, the effects still ring loud and clear for those who were alive.

“I think it’s still good for them to see us do things like this,” MacArthur coach Brett Manning said. “I think it’s a neat deal.”

The MacArthur coaching staff has a special connection with the fire department as volunteer coach Shawn Seeley is also a member of the LFD.

Fundraising still going strong

While COVID-19 hit plenty of families financially, MacArthur and its booster club has still been able to raise money despite the pandemic.

“One of the weird things is that raising money has almost been as easy as ever,” Manning said. “Some of our fundraisers have done pretty well.”

Pregame routine

MacArthur plays on a Thursday this week, but regardless of what day the Highlanders play, the routine prior to the game typically remains the same.

As school lets out at 2:25, the team typically uses 7th hour to get a final film session in before having a pre-game meal, provided by the booster club. Afterward, the team will head down to Cameron Stadium, go through warm-ups and get ready for the game.

— compiled by Glen Brockenbush

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