Ike offense tough to stop

More and more teams are learning a simple fact; stopping Eisenhower’s offense has become a real challenge and with each additional game the Eagles’ offensive stats climb.

“I thought we executed well against Guymon,” Ike coach Eric Gibson said before Wednesday’s practice. “When you have 300-plus yards of offense and six touchdowns in the first half you pretty much know the offensive line played well.

“We were able to stretch Guymon’s defense from sideline to sideline and then exploit them with our offense. Will (quarterback Trachte) had a good game throwing the ball, our receivers made some big plays and Trevaughn (Walton) had some good runs. We just want to keep doing what we’ve been doing. We’ve scored more than 40 points in every game and that’s pretty impressive.”

Not totally perfect

Despite the 76-14 win over, Guymon there were a couple of issues that didn’t make Coach Gibson happy.

“The special teams issue bothers me more than anything,” Gibson said. “We give up a touchdown return on a kickoff and then muff a kickoff and set them up for their second score. Those things gave me something to work on this week. We must clean those things up.”

Gibson was happy with the way Aldo Hernandez kicked the PATs and he also liked a 51-yard punt down the stretch.

Another sore point were penalties, 11 for 109 yards to be exact.

“I don’t mind some of those penalties that are subjective, but what bothers me are offsides, false starts and those things,” Gibson said. “We had some holding calls that I didn’t feel were justified but we still have to clean those things up going into these final four games.”

Part of the problem was that all but one of the officials were from neighboring Texas, and since the UIL uses NCAA rules some penalties are different, which caused some issues during the game. And a real rarity were two inadvertent whistles that cost Ike a touchdown.

“Sure, we scored on the next play after that one turnover, but it’s always great for your defense when they get to put points on the board, Gibson said.

Woodward comes calling

Last year the Boomers handed Ike a stinging 17-14 loss that knocked the Eagles out of the playoffs, so needless to say Ike is eager to face Woodward Friday at Cameron Stadium.

“They are a threat because Coach Rick Luetjen and his staff do a really good job,” Gibson said. “They made a quarterback change earlier and this kid is bigger and they will use him a great deal. They have a good receiver who is 6-3 and has good speed.

“But they are going to try and run the ball and they use a pair of backs. They have one who is about 6-0, 180 and then they have another kid who is a beast and weights about 250. He is also their middle linebacker and he can really affect a game on both sides of the ball.”

The Boomers will line up in a 3-4 defense with the 250-pound back Nash Hunter at MLB and just let him roam in the middle and stop the run.

“We have to do what we do best and that’s to stretch them out and make them defend us all over the field. Our horizontal passing game is working well and we just want to keep putting pressure on teams,” Gibson said.

“We owe them a couple. They shut us out two years ago and then we lost that game last year. That 17-14 loss was really a heartbreaker. We’re not making a big deal out of that but we want to get to the playoffs this year and we need this one.”

Friday game night

Just to make sure Ike fans are aware, the Eagles will host Woodward on Friday, not Thursday as was printed on some early schedules. Kickoff will be at 7 p.m.

The reason is that while Woodward and most every other school in the state is using Thursday and Friday as fall break, Lawton Public Schools will be out all next week. Coach Gibson also made sure Ike fans are aware the next week’s game at Guthrie will be a Friday game as well.

--Compiled by Joey Goodman