Injuries are just a part of athletics, especially football where fast, strong and big players collide time after time.

Cache, like most area teams, suffered its share of injuries this season. However, in most cases, the Bulldogs had quality backups waiting to step up in their moment.

One of those is senior cornerback Carson Adams, a 5-10, 150-pounder who has played a good deal this season, first backing up guys like Jake Barnes when Barnes was injured for a time and now giving both the cornerbacks a break when needed.

“I have to watch all the video with the defense so I will know what to expect,” Adams said. “During games I stand beside Coach Mac (defensive backs coach Roger McCardle) and he will tell me who I’m going in for when they need a break. I just am trying to do whatever I can to help the team.

And Adams is the classic example of a team player and not just in football, but basketball and soccer as well.

“I really don’t have a favorite, I just like being a part of a team and enjoying being around friends,” he said. “I pretty much like the one I’m playing at the time.”

He hopes his hoops season is late in coming because that would mean playoff success for the football team. That starts Friday at home against Tecumseh in the first round of the Class 4A state playoffs.

He’s already seen the opponent and sized them up, literally.

“They are really big and physical,” Adams said. “They put three guys in the backfield and do a great deal of running right at defenses and trying to keep the ball.

“Their quarterback is a pretty good runner, but nothing like the guy from Clinton (Caden Powell). He was the toughest guy I’ve had to tackle all season.”

But, as tough as the 6-4, 220-pound Powell was to tackle, Adams made a big stop on him in last week’s game, after which the sophomore QB was limping visibly.

“When I hit him it was hard on me too, but after that he seemed to be hurt and he also looked like he might have been getting tired,” Adams said. “He made some big runs in the first half and really hit us hard at times but our coaches made some good adjustments and we did a better job stopping him in the second half.”

Even though Adams is just 150 pounds, that’s not because he doesn’t love to eat because he does. He just can’t gain much weight.

“I love most foods but my favorites are ribs, chicken wings and shrimp,” he said. “I love all those things but I don’t want anything spicy on them. That’s not my thing.”

As far as in the classroom, Adams has a similar theme as he does when it comes to his favorite sport.

“I really don’t have a favorite class; I pretty much enjoy all of them,” he said.

Being a senior comes with big decisions on the future but he’s waiting to see how things pan out.

“I’m not sure whether I will go to college or trade school,” he said. “After I graduate we are moving somewhere around Tulsa and when I get up there I will make some decisions on my future. Right now, I’m just getting my classes done and then see where I wind up.”

The first order of business is Friday’s home playoff game and the theme this week is to “get a fast start,” Adams said.

“Coach (Faron Griffin) has made sure we need to have a good start this week because we’ve had some games where we started slow and then had to come back,” he said. “Coach says it’s a big deal for the seniors because Cache doesn’t have a great deal of playoff success and he wants us to get to enjoy the experience.”

One thing seems obvious, Adams is just glad to be along for the ride and is willing to step up and fill any void that the coaches might need him to fill this week, or in weeks beyond.

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