For the second week in a row, we have been really close to our first perfect 300 game since our comeback.

And for the second week in a row, we are left with being just one frame away.

It was Damon Claunch’s turn to run the gamut while bowling in the TNT league at Thunderbird Lanes last week where he started with only a 179 game before the trail of strikes began.

Claunch managed to run the front eleven in a row before meeting his fate.

What else can you call it? He’s in the groove for eleven continuous frames and then poof, it’s gone.

It was reported the Claunch let the last one go and basically just missed. The ball broke hard to the Brooklyn side for the right hander, leaving a not-so-solid 3-pin going away, resulting in a career first 11 in a row 299 for Damon Claunch and more importantly, the experience. Trust me, he will know what to do next time.

It’s times like this that USBC really should reconsider the 299 award but that’s another discussion for another time.

Continuing with the TNT league, Mark Hill led for high series with 725 on games of 222, 279 and 224.

On the League Front

The overall high series of the week was a 760, rolled by Jeff Janssen in the Summer Scratch Trio where he put together games of 258, 233 and 269.

Andrew McCann followed with games of 279, 208 and 246 for a 733 and Richard Jacoby left a happy bowler, scoring 244, 225 and 246 for a 715.

The high roller for the Trio’s four game block format was Keith Thompson who started with 218, 227 and 268 for 713 before tacking on a 253 closer for a 966 take for the night.

The night’s big news though was the 7-10 split conversion by Tony Faustner. Now that’s something we don’t see everyday.

Gary Hill was the senior bowler of the week with a nice 746 set rolled in the Socialites.

Hill rolled 251, 259 and 236 to make up the series.

Bill Cox was next best with 701 on games of 222, 211 and 268 from the same league.

Bob Carter took dibs on senior high game with a 278 from Entertainers action where Sue Avis rolled her third career 600 series of 612, the ladies honor roll high series of the week.

Po-Boy Results

As the story goes, “Dude walks into the bowling center, rents a pair of bowling shoes, borrows a bowling ball and wins the Po-boy”.

Not quite like that, but pretty close as former bowler Michael Pierson really did wear house rental shoes and really did borrow a bowling ball and he really did win last Monday’s Po-Boy, but he has bowled before and just recently started back to league.

This particular event proved that bowling knows no age, nor is gender a factor and even the best equip-ment on the market isn’t always the answer as anyone can be beat and anyone can win at any given time.

There were twenty bowlers in the lineup last Monday night where it took 462 for two games with handi-cap to make the cut.

That score belonged to youth bowler Stephanie McCoy who rolled scratch games of 177 and 231 to garner the eighth spot in qualifying.

Johnathan McCoy had 763 for seventh, Joe Herner rolled 475 for sixth and youth bowler Mikey York qual-ified fifth with 481.

Dave Yett was in the 2-teens for the fourth seed with 482, Steve Lindsay put up a 268 to soar his total of 488 into third, Michael Pierson posted 490 for second and Matt Casey dominated with a 542 to lead the pack into the bracket elimination round.

Note hard luck was a 457 series by Tyler Price on games of 223 and 234.

The tables turned quickly in bracket play as young little Miss Stephanie McCoy sent big ol’ Matt Casey to the house scoring 267 to his 235, before handicap.

Dave Yett beat out Mikey York, Joe Herner advanced over Steve Lindsay and Michael Pierson slid by Johnathan McCoy 229-209.

Stephanie continued her run, taking Dave Yett to the cleaners with a 237 total and Pierson caught an-other lucky break and beat Herner, 217-197 to set up for the finals.

McCoy lost her edge and scored 210 in the final match but Pierson found the groove and ended up with a 290 with handicap to win this week’s crown.

Po-Boy events are held every Monday night at Thunderbird Lanes at 7PM.

No-Tap News

The Tuesday No-Tappers league at Thunderbird Lanes is still looking for a few players to fill the voids for the next few weeks if anyone is interested in getting some bowling in this summer without a lot of commitment. Call the bowling center for details.

In the meantime, scores are soaring and the league had its second no-tap 300 game reported in last week’s news.

Gary Sammons was the man with the plan; at least for game two where he managed twelve hits of nine count or better to post the no-tap 300.

The week’s high series honors go to Brant Hill for a 752 that went 275, 257 and 220.

Marvin Cox was a close second with 743 on games of 268, 243 and 232.

The Youth No-Tap 2020 is on the floor as the same time as the adults where youth bowlers are getting some head-pin practice looking for a nine count and high scores. There are openings in this one too.

Last weeks highs include a 713 series by Carter Croft on games of 199, 236 and 278 and Mikey York had the high game of 283.

Charles Norman found his way to the top, winning last weeks Senior 9 Pin No Tap Colorama on games of 231, 263 and 239 for a 733/937 series.

Michael Sneed came in second after games of 280, 241 and 254 for 775/829 and Andy Powell rolled 819 for third place money.

Sue Avis took first for the gals with 760, followed by Elaine Henderson with 754.

Robert Copeland and Sam Bowman were repeat winners of the scratch side action with this week’s scores of 772 and 733, Copeland over Bowman.

Mystery Doubles winners were Justin Williams/Michael Sneed, 585, Charles Norman/Don Ginter Jr, 560, for game one.

Game two went to Norman/Ginter, 585 and Carl Christman/Robert Copeland, 561.

Norman and Ginter also took game three shooting 580, followed by Andy Powell with Cleo Travis, 575.

Strike pot winners were Diane Frame, James Williams, Don Ginter Jr. and Sam Bowman.

There were no winners in the Special Shots where Carl Christman was first up with the 21 challenge.

Christman rolled eight, strike and nine to bust with twenty-seven.

Randy Travis did not repeat his eight count for the Match Play shot and Charles Norman got a nine count when he only needed eight for the Pill Draw.

The senior 9-Pin No-Tap Colorama will be back every Friday afternoon, starting at 1pm. This event is open to all bowlers with verifiable averages age 50 and above.

What’s Happening?

Po-Boy Tournaments, Thunderbird Lanes, Monday’s 7pm sign up by 6:30pm.

Luck O’ the Irish tournament (Mixed Scotch Doubles) has been rescheduled for Saturday, July 25th. En-tries are available at Thunderbird Lanes.

Stay healthy, be safe and tune in next week for more bowling news.

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