Vincent Chavez

MacArthur guard Vincent Chavez is just as interested in computer programming and coding as he is about football.

It is said that stereotypes exist for a reason.

And when it comes to stereotyping football positions, offensive linemen are generally some of the least-heralded players and often are less vocal than some of the other players.

Those traits definitely apply to Vincent Chavez, who has worked his way up from a reserve role to being MacArthur’s starting left guard as a senior. Although fairly soft-spoken, Chavez can flip a mental switch to get “nasty” when it comes time to play. And while offensive guards are often anonymous, Chavez believes the importance of the position should get more public recognition.

“I think it would help out a lot,” Chavez said. “A lot of the time, when you think of a big win, you think of wide receivers, quarterbacks, running backs. Nobody really talks about the o-line, the purpose of it. But they help out and make sure our people don’t get hit.”

Offensive linemen are also often known as some of the most intelligent players of the team, another description that fits Chavez. When he’s not on the field or at school, he’s usually learning more about coding for computers. While he’s taken some computer classes at Mac, Chavez took some engineering classes like Great Plains Technology Center and learned more about coding languages like Linux.

“That’s probably the best one I’ve encountered so far,” Chavez said. “I’ve only had hands-on experience at Great Plains. Other than that, I’ve mostly just watched videos online.”

Chavez doesn’t necessarily do as much video research as it applies to football. While he likes playing on the offensive line, and despite players like Zack Martin and Quenton Nelson making the guard position somewhat en vogue, it’s not something Chavez can do in his leisure.

“I can’t sit and watch sports, I’d rather just play it,” he said.

That’s OK, as it seems Chavez has other skills he’s honing for his future.

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