Calling all former players, again

Last week Cache started its season-long tribute to the players who helped build the program and next week, on Sept. 25, players from the 1980s will be honored at halftime of the Bulldogs’ home game with Bethany.

“Last week we honored players from the 1970s and I believe there were about 10 players and coaches who showed up, including former head coach Bill Hunt,” current coach Faron Griffin said. “We think as word spreads the number of former players will grow and that’s what we want to see.

“This bunch, the 1980s, is my old group so I’m hoping to see plenty of my former teammates. We had a great deal of positive response from the players and we’re excited to see them showing up and helping support this Cache team.”

Bye week doesn’t mean easy practices

If anything, this week’s practices are going to be tougher than weeks where the Bulldogs are playing a game and there is logic behind the change.

“Usually on a bye week we’ve let the guys get a few breaks but we’ve played so horrible after last year’s bye week that I’m changing things around,” Coach Griffin said. “Yesterday (Tuesday) I ran them pretty hard, so we’re going to see if this makes a difference when we play Bethany.”

Lack of flow against Indians

After evaluating the video of last week’s 20-0 victory over Plainview, Coach Griffin was still upset with how the officiating team negatively affected the flow of the game, leaving both teams frustrated at times.

“It’s just that they really affected the flow of the game to where neither team could get any rhythm going,” Griffin said. “They marked off penalties against the wrong team on two occasion, they had that blind-side block call against us that I still don’t feel was justified and they gave Plainview a time out on a play where we scored.

“Nobody heard a whistle, neither team reacted to that call, and when both teams say they didn’t hear the whistle, usually that means nobody blew the whistle. It was frustrating. We started at 7 p.m. and teams that started at 7:30 wound up ending their games before ours ended. Officials always say they want to blend into the game; they don’t want anything to even see them, however, that sure wasn’t the case the other night.”

Slowing down talented linebacker

One of the positives on the video was how Cache pretty much neutralized Plainview’s talented middle linebacker, Caden Pickens.

“We schemed to try and keep him occupied and our guys did a good job of executing that plan,” Griffin said. “On the trap we used two guys to get him out of the hole and Jeff Paddyaker and Alden Konerman did a good job handling him for the most part. I also thought (Jaylen) Neido and Andrew Toms stepped in there and did a good job from the fullback spot.”

Kickoff issue causes concern

The Bulldogs have a solid placement threat in Eli Angiel but after the first three games Coach Griffin is not happy with the depth on the kickoffs.

“Ralph (former kicker Fawaz) did a good job of getting the ball into the end zone (17 of 25 kickoffs were touchbacks) and that’s what you want because most of the teams we face are going to have a great return man back there and if we can get touchbacks, it will neutralize those great return men,” Griffin said. “

Cache has blocked a couple of punts this season but they have yet to break a return for a kickoff and that’s something Coach Griffin is hoping will happen soon.

 Compiled by Joey Goodman

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