The New Year brings promise and hope for high scores and a lot of strikes for those of us in the bowling world and judging from scores from the first week, this could be a good year.

We are still waiting for that first honor even though we had a couple of close calls last week, namely a front 10 effort by Craig Fain in the Goodyear league and an errant shot by James Vaughn in the Suburban.

Fain ended up with a 287 and Vaughn, thanks to a 4-pin in the fifth rame rolled a 279.

As for high series’ of the week, quite a few 700’s went in the books, which is good news.

At the top of the honor roll you will see Andrew McCann’s name but the 742 was actually his closing remark in the Suburban league as scores from the last week of December did not make last weeks column.

Along with McCann was Brandon Tipton with 718, Johnny Scheid with 716 and Keith Thompson with 708.

Now for this year.

Brant Hill started us off with a 734 from the Early Birds on games of 245, 257 and 232.

Joseph Langley was in at 722 on games of 237, 268 and 217, Ricky Chapman got off on the right foot with 716 that started with a 278 game and Ben Laird went 237, 265 and 208 for a 710.

Jim Bomboy Sr. led in the Suburban after the holiday break with 731 on games of 268, 227, and 236.

Alan Cardenaz followed with 705 that started off with games of 247 and 267 and Bill Kaplan kicked off 2020 with 235, 236 and 230 for a 701.

Ted Williams continues his reign in the Goodyear league with 710 last week on games of 200, 274 and 236.

Craig Fain’s 287 led to a 708 for second best and David Fishbeck rounded out the top three with a 700 on games of 247, 218 and 235.

Robert Copeland double-dipped last week, rolling a 707 in the Guys and Dolls and a 702 in the Golden Years.

Copeland has a couple of new bowling ball in his arsenal, both of which seem to be working out pretty well.

On Jan. 2, Copeland shot 215, 267 and 220 for the 702 and on Jan. 3rd he rolled 223, 258 and 226 for a 707.

And our final entry for high rollers the first week of the year, David Sherwood two-stepped his way to a 705 on games of 236, 234 and 235.

Special recognition goes to Sue Tucker who, at a spry 82 years young, rolled a nice 211 game off a 116 average for the highlight of the day in the Entertainers league at Thunderbird Lanes.

Kathi Keithley also had a good week while bowling in the Goodtimes league where she rolled a 240 game to total out at 592 off a 153 average.

And joining the honor roll for her time, Shannan Brown rolled 161, 166 and 220 for a 547 for career highs in the game and series categories while bowling in the Sunday Strikers.

Youth News

School is back in session and youth leagues are back on the floor on Saturday mornings at Thunderbird Lanes and on Monday Nights at Twin Oaks Bowling center.

Last week’s star player was Caden Burk with games of 207, 213 and 255 for a 675 in the TBird Leg-ends.

DeAlani Fishbeck was next best with 607 rolled in the TOBC Oak Trees.

Honorable mention for the week goes to Connor Channel of the Legends.

Connor started his day with a 151 before rolling a career high 191 for game two but that wasn’t enough and he rolled 204 for game three to instantly change his career high game and give him a career high series of 546.

Senior Colorama No-Tap

Picking up right where he left 2019, Randy Travis took first place in the first Senior 9-Pin No Tap event of 2020.

Travis started his day with a no-tap 298 game, the high game of the day, and then added 244 and 248 for 790 scratch/871 with handicap.

James Williams was second best with 839, Carl Tucker took third with 808 and because there was such a large crowd, fourth place was paid to Marshall Miller for an 800 on the nose.

Travis and Miller were one and two in the scratch standings, followed by Dave Yett for third with 697.

Kathy Zerbe edged Zari Conway out by one pin to win the ladies division 799-798 and Darlene Ashton took third with 757.

There were a lot of high scores that made for a variety pack of winners in the Mystery Doubles.

Game one went to Randy Travis and Carl Tucker with 635 followed by Zari Conway and Melvin Tubbs with 592.

Bob Henderson and Marshall Miller took game two with 567, followed by Dave Yett and Kathy Zerbe with 548.

And game three winners were James Williams with Diane Frame for 543, followed by Damon Foster and Dee Gustafson with 523.

Strike pot winners were Leroy Conway, Walter Keithley and Kathy Zerbe and Cleo Travis rolled 6, 9 and 6 for 21 to win the “21” Jackpot ticket.

Don Ginter rolled 8 and then 7 going out in Match Play and Dave Yett’s efforts at knocking out just 3 pins for the Pill Draw netted zero but a fine job of clearing the channel.

The Senior No-Tap Colorama is open to all bowlers 50 years and up and is held every Friday afternoon starting at 1 p.m. at Thunderbird Lanes.

Valentines Mixed Up Doubles scheduled

The annual Valentines Mixed-Up Doubles is slated for Sunday, Feb. 16 at Thunderbird Lanes.

This tournament has been known to fill quickly so do not delay in turning your paid in full entry in as soon as possible.

Because of the demand, no spots will be held without payment in full. Strictly limited to the first 32 paid team entries.

Entries are available only at Thunderbird Lanes.

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