Saige Schmidt

Eisenhower offensive lineman Saige Schmidt (68 in white) knows the power of communication, whether it be in the football world, in church or in the business world.

Eisenhower offensive lineman Saige Schmidt doing a little talking.

That might mean getting onto his teammates for a missed assignment. That might mean working with some of the youth at his church group.

But looking ahead, the senior hopes it translates to networking in the real world.

“I like to talk a lot to people. I’m very vocal,” Schmidt said. “So I’m trying to get more vocal out here (on the field).”

Off the field, he volunteers at a student leadership program at Grace Fellowship Church, along with teammate Cole Mason.

“We do a lot of leadership stuff to try to get kids involved,” he said.

He said working with the youth there is extremely rewarding. But volunteer work isn’t necessarily what he wants to do forever. After high school, Schmidt wants to study business, get an MBA and start his own company. When asked what kind of entrepreneurial venture he might want to launch if all the stars aligned, he said some sort of online store.

A budding Jeff Bezos?

For now, he enjoys spending time at church, at school with his friends and fellow linemen and at home with his mother. Because it’s just the two of them, Saige said their relationship is extremely important to him.

“She means everything to me,” he said.

He said she also happens to be a great cook, with his favorite dish of hers being her fried chicken.

On the field, his devotion to family translates to his teammates. With so many seniors on the line, he said it’s been great getting to see the culture change at Ike happen piece by piece with his friends.

“We have a bond, really,” Schmidt said. “We’re hoping to start a culture so that next season, they’ll have an o-line they can depend on.”

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