As leagues, much like everything else, prepare for the unexpected during this time of the Coronavirus uncertainty, bowling scores will be few and far between for a while.

Several press reports were not received in time for this issue so those scores will be in next week’s bowling news, but in all fairness, secretaries were in no big hurry to do their duties, as most will be on hiatus until further notice.

Not only are leagues doing their part to help prevent the spread of this virus, tournaments all across the United States have been canceled or postponed, including State and National events as well as the PBA tour.

Our first glimpse at just how serious this was and how quickly that it was about to hit here at home was last weekend when around 80 bowlers from within our bowling community headed to take their turn in the Southwest Tournament in Wichita, KS.

Some made it all the way while others were on the road when they were notified to turn around and go back home. Due to the threat of spreading the Coronavirus, the health department had closed North Rock Lanes and they would need to reschedule their events for later date.

Monday afternoon at Thunderbird Lanes, the Socialites met and discussed what might happen and that they may not be bowling the following week and later that evening the Early Birds met as well and opted to postpone league play until further notice.

At Fort Sill’s Twin Oaks, the Ladies Night Out league, with only a few weeks left of their season, chose to call it quits for the year.

By Tuesday afternoon, Thunderbird’s Entertainers league officials were doing their best to keep within a 50-person group restriction imposed by Lawton City Mayor Stan Booker.

A plan was made to split the league into two sessions, bringing half the league in the morning and the other half in the afternoon, allowing a pair of lanes between the teams.

Team captains were called and it was a go, until 6pm that same evening when the restriction dropped to no more than 10 persons to a group following the suggestion of President Trump.

The Tuesday night His and Hers league at Thunderbird Lanes was about to bowl when this amendment flashed across the news screen.

This league needed to decide what they wanted to do as well as they was pushing the envelope for the 50 person ruling, dropping to 10 took them out of the equation.

At this time, Thunderbird Lanes owner Jerry Hill took the stand and made the announcement that immediately following the His and Hers session that evening, league play would be suspended at Thunderbird Lanes until further notice.

Meanwhile, at last word, the Suburban league at Twin Oaks took a vote of the league that chose to take the next couple of weeks off and will reevaluate on April 2nd. This was a decision made by league bowlers, not the bowling center.

No word as been received to any cancellation of the Tuesday Mixed Up or the Tuesday Night Movers, or the Friday Night Mixed Rollers.

Unlike Thunderbird Lanes, which is abiding by a City of Lawton ordinance, Twin Oaks’ cancellations or restrictions come from Fort Sill’s Post Commander.

As this virus pandemic continues no one knows what to expect next so stay safe, and be smart and we’ll all be back on the lanes in no time.

League Highlights

On the league front, congratulations to Preston Charity for shooting the week’s top series of 716 in the Tuesday Mixed Up league.

Preston had games of 210, 226 and a big 280 to make up the set.

The high game of the week was also a product of this league where it was reported former youth Zachary Bales rolled a 288 that is 115 pins over his 173 average.

Bob Carter threw his hat in the ring with 706 from the Goodtimes league’s last session (for a while).

Carter sandwiched a 277 between games of 213 and 216 to make up the total.

And rounding out the week’s top three reported scores was Michael Gillian who posted a 703 in the Goodyear league on games of 179, 279 and 245.

Youth Highlights

The TOBC Oak Trees league was off last week for spring break but kicking it two handed in the T-Bird Legends league was Xander Heimbrock who put up games of 211, 214 and 253 for a very nice 678 series.

High rolling in the TBird HotShots was Avery Hill for series with games of 117, 106 and 111 for 334 and Jake Croft for game with a 135 to start the day.

And Emery Brown broke her high game score with a 127 in the T-Bird MiniShots.

Senior 9-Pin No-Tap Results

Men’s, hdcp:

1st – Johnnie Scheid, 864

2nd – Damon Foster, 852

3rd – Cleo Travis, 848

Women’s, hdcp:

1st – Elaine Henderson, 802

(Opt.) Scratch:

1st – Johnnie Scheid, 264-300-300, 864

2nd – Dave Yett, 234-300-244, 778

Mystery Doubles:

Game One:

1st – Billy Carrion/Dave Yett, 559

2nd T– Marianne Hartley/Randy Travis, 540

2nd T– Cleo Travis/Gary Webster, 540

Game Two:

1st – Damon Foster/Bob Henderson, 589

2nd – Cleo Travis/Gary Webster, 587

Game Three:

1st – Billy Carrion/Dave Yett, 522

2nd – Bob Henderson/Damon Foster, 515

Strike Pot winners:

Dave Yett, Michael Sneed, Randy Travis, Damon Foster

Special Challenge Shot Results:

“21 Jackpot”: Damon Foster, the master of the ‘21’ shot, hit it right on cue with counts of six, five and then a strike for the win.

“Match Play”: Cleo Travis rolled a nine on the first throw but couldn’t keep it going, knocking off only six on his next shot, ended his attempt.

“Pill Draw”: Diane Frame was the day’s big winner when she rolled an eight count to match her number on the pill draw.

Please note that this event is also temporarily on hold. Stayed tuned for further updates on future Senior 9-Pin No Tap tournaments.

Tournament Board

The Luck O’ the Irish, Mixed Scotch Doubles originally scheduled for today has been postponed. Teams who were entered are asked to contact this writer at Thunderbird Lanes for refund information.

This event will be rescheduled once league play resumes.

State and National tournaments are also on hold. Please contact those event directors for further instruction.

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