CACHE — In last Friday’s game against Plainview, Cache defensive back Keegan Fink found himself lined up against Morgan Pearson, a junior receiver who already has four scholarship offers from Power 5 schools, including one from Oklahoma State.

As the play unfolded, Fink noticed the ball coming his way. He out-leapt Pearson, high-pointed the ball and came down with the interception against one of the best receivers in Oklahoma.

Not bad for a guy in just in his second season of high school football.

Fink had played pee wee football but gave it up prior to junior high to focus on basketball and baseball. Heading into his junior season, he and his friends struck a deal.

“My friends were pressuring me into it, and we said if I played football, they’d play basketball,” Fink said. “The last time I played football was 5th grade.”

And head coach Faron Griffin sure is happy Fink made that decision. In addition to starting at corner, Fink has been one of the Bulldogs’ top receivers, whether it’s on jet sweeps or it’s by making beautiful over-the-shoulder catches for touchdowns like in the season opener against El Reno.

“I noticed on the basketball court that he’s a great athlete,” Griffin said. “We kept hoping he’d join football and then he finally did.”

A lifelong resident of Comanche County, Fink has been attending Cache schools since kindergarten. When it comes to teammates like Reid Lyon and Jaylen Niedo, Fink’s known many of them since before they could tie their shoes. It made choosing to play football that much easier.

“All my friends, we’ve all been playing all three sports (football, baseball, basketball) together,” Fink said. “So we’ve all got good chemistry, know each other super well.”

Off the field, Keegan describes himself as a “pretty calm” person who often turns to painting and drawing in his down time. An only child, he admits that the idea of moving off to college next year is a bit scary, especially because he’s not quite sure what he wants to major in, though he enjoys science classes, especially those focused on anatomy and how the human body works.

“My mom originally went to school to be an RN (registered nurse), but she became a counselor,” Fink said. “So, we’ll see.”

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