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Mike Tompkins, right, chats with Junior Nation at a reception in Tompkins’ honor Thursday night at Cameron Baptist Church. Tompkins recently retired as director of missions for Comanche Cotton Baptist Association.

Retired director of missions still serving

Mike Tompkins served as director of missions at the Comanche Cotton Baptist Association for 20 years and, although he retired in December, he's not done serving.

He has preached at various churches where his abilities are needed on Sundays and hopes to serve as interim pastor for churches and assist them with planning and searching for their next pastors  all similar to what he did as director of missions. His service from here on out will be on a different level, but he counts being director of missions a highlight of his career in the ministry.

"Two of the greatest honors of my life happened right here in the association," Tompkins said. "It was a great honor to serve Fletcher First Baptist Church, greatest church I ever pastored. And from there, the greatest honor I ever had in ministry was to serve 20 years as director of missions for Comanche Cotton."

Before he was called to be director of missions in 1995, he had been Fletcher for eight years. And what's ironic is he not only served on the committee that picked him for the position but he was voted as chairman.

"I told my wife when I came to the meeting in which we selected the search committee to replace the director of missions before me, I said, 'If I'm selected to serve on that committee, I'm going to respectfully decline," Tompkins said. "Because I didn't want to serve on the committee. And when I came, I was not only asked to be on the committee, I got the most votes so I had to be the chairman, so I really couldn't resign."

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