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(PHOTO COURTESY OF TEEN CHALLENGE) This is the Korazin synagogue, one of 30 sites Loren Shreffler and a team from Teen Challenge’s Sonrise Ranch of Cache toured during a twoand-a-half-week trip to Israel. The group used cameras as well as an aerial drone to capture video of the land to bring home and incorporate into Teen Challenge classrooms.(PHOTO COURTESY OF TEEN CHALLENGE) From left, Loren Shreffler, Evan Shorey, David Hubbard, Eric Walker and Tommy Cunningham pause for a photo during a trip to Israel. The group raised $25,000 by selling crosses and repurposing furniture to cover expenses. Not shown is Aaron Sharp.(PHOTO COURTESY OF TEEN CHALLENGE) Loren Shreffler, executive director of Teen Challenge’s Sonrise Ranch in Cache, records a video during a two-and-a-half-week trip to Israel. Shreffler, along with five other men, traveled to Israel to capture photographs and video of the land to incorporate into Teen Challenge’s curriculum.

Group films sites in Israel to use in class

A "labor of love," is how Loren Shreffler describes his most recent excursion to Israel. 

From March 18-24, Shreffler  executive director of Teen Challenge's Sonrise Ranch in Cache  and a team of five Teen Challenge employees  Aaron Sharp, Evan Shorey, David Hubbard, Tommy Cunningham and Eric Walker  explored more than 30 Israeli sites to photograph and video places mentioned in the Bible.

Shreffler said he was inspired to share the land with others after he experienced it for himself in 2012. 

"I went for the first time with the Center for Holy Land Studies," Shreffler said, explaining the intensive study tour lasted five-and-a-half weeks and extended from Jordan to Israel. "When I was there that time, I took a lot of pictures. It just changed my life and my perspective of the Bible to actually see the places that were talked about, to know there really are excavations that prove the existence of these cities that are spoken of in the Bible." 

Shreffler returned to the ranch and began incorporating pictures from his journey into Teen Challenge's curriculum. "I started to integrate (the photos) into our class times and use them as a teaching aid. At that point, it was just still shots," Shreffler said, "but then I really got the vision to go back and to capture video, on-site teaching in the Holy Land, to bring back so we could have these videos integrated into our lessons." 

Using an aerial drone and a couple of cameras, along with the goodwill of those who allowed them to film, the group was able to capture panoramic views of locations mentioned in the Bible to use in the classroom in hopes of bringing new meaning to the text. 

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