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Good, bad about apps topic of speech

Social media touches every sector of the human experience and it changes so quickly that those who aren't media savvy can't get a grasp on it.

Often times, various social media outlets can be used by human trafficking recruiters and pedophiles to lure and manipulate young users. And it can be difficult for parents to keep track of the latest apps, which hinders their ability to educate their children, and often themselves, about media literacy.

On Feb. 4, Laci Tompkins, a member of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma's Human Trafficking Education Team, will give a presentation on "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Social Media and the Internet," which will be geared toward educating parents about apps' vices and virtues.

"A lot of it is going to be going into all the different apps  Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Yik Yak, Whisper, Meet Me, Tinder, Friend Note," Tompkins said. "You name it and they're probably coming up with ones as we speak. You can hardly keep up with it."

This will be Tompkins' fourth time to speak at Cameron Baptist. With her position on the convention's Human Trafficking Education Team, she often travels around Oklahoma speaking about human trafficking and other issues. She lives in Carnegie and teaches English at the local high school. But traveling around Oklahoma and speaking to various congregations is what she feels she was called to do. She hopes her talk at Cameron Baptist will encourage social media awareness amongst parents.

"The more we're educated, the more you're not caught off guard," Tompkins said. "And again, I just think we all need to be aware because the Bible says 'Satan is here to steal, kill and destroy.' And we need to have our minds guarded. These are little areas and there's nothing wrong with them. They're harmless as long as you're aware and use them wisely. But there are people out there that are not having good intentions. You see all the time these people baited in and catfished into thinking something's one thing and it's not; you never know. We just need to guard our hearts and be smart and aware."

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