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Curry to lead National Day of Prayer event

Barbara Curry is a prayer warrior. 

Prayer is her passion. It's second nature for her, and anyone who knows her can see and feel the warmth of the light of Christ that exudes from her prayerful soul.

So late last year, when she received a call from Dwayne Hall about taking over his post as the National Day of Prayer task force event coordinator for Lawton-Fort Sill, Curry was ready to answer the call. One day in November, Curry was in prayer and she prayed for a greater part in the National Day of Prayer.

"And I left it there and a few days later as I was planning another event," Curry said, "Dwayne called and said, 'Sister, where do you see yourself in the National Day of Prayer?' And I said, 'Well, I would like to be the leader.' And he said, 'Consider it done.'"

Prior to accepting the position, Curry had participated in past National Day of Prayer events, and last year she was a prayer intercessor at the prayer breakfast. She said her duties as the task force event coordinator are to plan a successful event, but not without God's provision. First, she must pray and seek God, what he wants and then execute that with her team. 

This year's National Day of Prayer is set for May 4 at Lawton City Hall, and Curry is not looking for a big number of fellow prayer warriors.

"I'm looking for a remnant that has a desire to worship God," Curry said. "So it's not about the big numbers. This year it's not about unifying the church. This year it's not about bringing together the body of Christ. But it's about creating an atmosphere for the individual to be able to tap into and to hear God for themselves.

"So it's an individual thing this year. And I want to convey the message through all this that ... effective prayer is not so much about how many words we speak or how many scriptures we know, but our ability to sit and wait and to listen and to hear what he wants to say to be a part of that kingdom conversation so that we can move forward successfully in a path that he has already designed for each of us."

Lawton's theme this year for the National Day of Prayer is "Praying and Praising His Names," which coincides with the national theme "For Your Great Name's Sake: Hear Us, Forgive Us, Heal Us." Curry said the theme allows participant to focus on the names of God, his goodness and on who he is rather than asking for anything.

"We were created to pray," Curry said. "And all throughout the history of the Bible, anytime God wanted to do something for his people, we needed to seek him. He is our creator. He is the one that started. He is the one that will finish it. And that's one of the reasons I believe he gave me the theme 'Praying and Praising His Names,' because as you research his names, you find out who he is in history and who he is to you. You find out what those names mean and it brings you into a greater awareness of his greatness."

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