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Bruce York, head pastor of Calvary Tabernacle, sits in the church’s former sanctuary. The church building at 607 SW H will be demolished later this month.Bruce York, head pastor of Calvary Tabernacle, observes damage to the building caused by old age and shifting soil. The lumber bracing was used to hold up a portion of the shifting ceiling.

Calvary Tabernacle to be demolished

Foundation, building repairs more costly than church can afford

Calvary Tabernacle closed its church doors April 3. The building will be demolished later this month because it's falling apart.

The building was purchased by Calvary Tabernacle in 1937 and Bruce York, head pastor, said he could not find any records of when the building was first constructed. Since arriving at the church six years ago, York has seen the church slowly fall apart. The foundation is cracked in several areas and the floor slopes. The ceiling leans and the walls have dropped 3-4 inches. York has brought in professionals to look at the building and they recommended the building should be torn down rather than repaired.

"When the structural engineer, who does this kind of work as a company, came and looked at it and he tells me that we're looking at $100,000 just fixing the floor and the west wall," York said. "And he said that's just a Band-Aid. He said it will last maybe 10-12 years and then we would probably be in the same situation because of the soil and the whole structure. He said we would not be good stewards of God's money to put a Band-Aid on it. He said the best thing to do is tear it down and then rebuild."

The decision to demolish the church was not an easy one. Since the church has been in the building since 1937, York said, it holds history and memories for the congregation.

"That's not always easy for the people, elderly people, who have been in the church for 50 years, 45 years, who don't really want to see a building torn down," York said. "... There's a lot of sentiment built in here."

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