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Alpha program to begin at Calvary Baptist

Calvary Baptist Church will host Alpha, a series of sessions exploring Christian faith, starting Aug. 24.

Alpha will explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment. The sessions at Calvary Baptist Church, 715 SW H, will start with a free dinner at 6 p.m. nightly every Wednesday for 10-12 weeks. After dinner a video will be screened and then attendees will divide into small groups to share thoughts. According to Kristina Cooper, organizer, the purpose of Alpha is to reach out to everyone of all origins, religion or lack of religion.

"The goal is to talk to people about their faith and do it in a laid back environment because church tends to be people talking at you instead of discussing with you," Cooper said. "And that's the goal of Alpha: to talk with people instead of at them and learn what they believe and give them an opportunity to explore what they believe."

This is not the first time Cooper has been involved with Alpha. She was recently a small group leader for an Alpha series at Lawton First Assembly. Cooper is now a member at Calvary Baptist Church and this is her first time to organize an Alpha session. She said the church has been supportive with hosting Alpha sessions, and she's ready to reach out to the surrounding community.

"I grew up in that neighborhood," Cooper said, "so I know what it's like in that neighborhood. My goal is really to reach the neighborhood, but if we reached different sections of Lawton, that would be great, too. But yeah, I grew up in that neighborhood, and I remember being in sixth grade and seeing prostitutes and drug dealers and stuff. And being mistaken as a prostitute myself being in the sixth grade walking down the street. So I have a heart for that neighborhood."

She agrees that the neighborhood surrounding Calvary Baptist Church is a rough neighborhood, although "it's gotten better throughout the years but it's not where it should be." She believes Alpha will be one way for the neighborhood to take a step toward change for the better.

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