After watching Jim Inhofe’s current campaign ad, I have to wonder what “Oklahoma” he’s talking about.

I’ve lived in Oklahoma my entire life. Oklahomans have always pulled together when it counts.

Natural disasters, families in need of shelter after losing everything in a fire, families suffering from catastrophic medical expense, individuals unemployed and homeless, support of charities such as United Way, Oklahoma Blood Institute, Goodwill and others.

Yet Jim Inhofe seems to follow a template, used by Donald Trump, of division and class warfare.

Jim wants to separate Oklahomans by ideology or political preferences.

Socialist, Liberals and Progressives, going so far as to say they aren’t real Oklahomans.

I’m as Oklahoma as I can be, have been for 78 years.

We’ve a population of Native American, African American, Latino and Asian. We all are Oklahoman. We all pay taxes, volunteer, and seek ways to support one another through the hard times.

Just seems to me that Jim Inhofe has forgotten that “Oklahoman” isn’t a title to be bestowed on only those he agrees with and courts.

I hope when you cast your vote in November you remember this divide and conquer mentality and cast your vote for unity, wholeness and all Oklahomans.

Don Nelson


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