Well, no doubt our beloved country is in some serious trouble. But frankly we really should not be surprised given that America has faced huge challenges throughout the entire history of our democratic republic, including a terrible Civil War in which we slaughtered each other to the extent of 620,000 dead.

Moreover, Holy Scripture tells us that for sure the world will suffer lots of unprecedented trouble in the end of the end times, which I believe is our condition today.

Now having said that, have you noticed that somehow and someway the United States of America has always “muddled through” and maintained our standing as by far the greatest country on the face of the earth no matter what?

Here’s three good reasons why:

First — This is God’s Country! Throughout modern history He has raised up and empowered the USA as a beacon of hope on earth, His instrument to hold this old fragile world together. Let me tell ya, if not for the United States of America — One Nation Under God — being steadfastly strong and persistently courageous by God’s Grace and Blessing, dictators, tyrants, and terrorists would by-and-large be in charge of the whole world today.

Second — We’ve never squandered our God-given and hard-earned freedom. Instead, we steadfastly embrace it, staunchly defend it, and generously pay it forward throughout the world with an unwavering resolve, at the cost of lots of American blood shed by our brave Warriors primarily in foreign lands over several generations.

Third — The backbone and heartbeat of our great nation remains its genuinely good people: God-fearing; hard-working; tax-paying; honest, trustworthy, and loyal; generous to the core; family focused; and forever patriotic.

I know it’s likely that our founders and forefathers are spinning in their graves given the condition they see us in the midst of these difficult times. Yet I’m certain they would not give up on the country they so dearly love, and neither should we.


Retired Capt. Jerry B. Adkison, United States Navy (MSC)