Letter to the Editor

In just over 24 hours the Lawton/Ft. Sill community fell victim to three unrelated homicides, a record that hopefully will never be broken. Unfortunately, crime does not stop to let the police catch up and during the middle of these investigations another homicide took place.

As a prosecutor, I know that solving a homicide can be very difficult, sometimes next to impossible. The first 48 hours are crucial, and the longer the case goes unsolved past that time, the less likely that it gets solved at all. Thanks to the hard work and persistence by the entire Lawton Police Department, all four of these cases were investigated and solved with either cases filed, suspects arrested or warrants issued for the suspect’s arrest.

What makes this situation even more impressive is that LPD was able to accomplish this feat with the lowest amount of officers on the force in over 30 years, another statistic that hopefully never happens again.

In a time in this country where being a police officer is unpopular, many people believe that police officers have a negative impact on their community and some even think that police are not needed. However, the work put in by LPD in these cases begs to differ. In order for justice to be sought, for their voices to be heard, the victims in these cases needed LPD. Their friends and family needed LPD. Our community needed LPD. And as just as they have done time and time again, the police were there to help.

The intent of this letter is not to condone the actions of all police officers in this country. It is also not an attempt to take a political stance or to drum up sympathy for members of law enforcement. Their actions speak volumes and should go farther than anything I could ever say.

Instead, this letter is just a long way of saying Thank You. On behalf of the Comanche County District Attorney’s Office, the victims affected by these senseless acts and the entire Lawton/ Ft. Sill community, I say Thank You. Keep up the great work!

Kyle Cabelka