Letter to the Editor

When Lawton lost its hometown newspaper, over a period of years, through retirements, purchases, ownership death and lack of capital, these situations left a big hole in Lawton's lifestyle, citizen's personal interest and the comforting feeling of knowing your newspaper would be at the front door today.

I want to thank Southern Newspaper, Inc. for their courage to purchase a "sinking ship."

Many avid readers did not know what to expect from the new ownership but many of us hung in there through this uncertain time.

Thank you to David Stringer, publisher, for your commitment to our city, your commitment to honesty, reliability, and your sense of serving your reading public.

I was impressed by the many honors our newspaper received at the Oklahoma Press Association annual awards ceremony. Lawton is fortunate to have strong leadership, talented journalists, wonderful photographers, a hard-working sales staff, a dedicated administration and an honest approach to the daily news of our great city.

Cherry Phillips