Letters to the editor

In Phyllis Anderson's recent letter comparing the risk of receiving a vaccination to the risk of the disease, she made some good points concerning informed consent. However, I thought her presentation of the risk numbers was misleading. She quotes CDC data that there have been nearly 8,000 reports of adverse reactions to the vaccines with 1.5% being fatal. Although there are undoubtedly many unreported adverse reactions, I imagine most of those serious enough to cause death would have been reported. That's 120 deaths. That's for the entire country.

Compare that to over 500,000 Covid-19 deaths. Currently over 80 million doses of the vaccines have been administered. Because of lag time to report adverse reactions, let's use 50 million doses that caused the 120 deaths. That gives a risk of death from the shot as 0.00024% compared to a risk of death from the disease (as stated in the previous letter) as 0.26%. Or to put it another way, there have been 113 deaths in Lawton alone and 140 deaths in Comanche County due to Covid-19, compared to 120 deaths nationwide from the vaccines.

It is clear to me that unless you have a history of allergic reactions to inoculations, the safer behavior is to get the shots. And (due to age) I have had both of mine. As a side note, most serious reactions occur immediately after the shot. Hence the procedure requires you to wait around for 15 minutes after inoculation.

Joe Crane