Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

 A letter to the editor in the Thursday Constitution challenged readers to do research on COVID vaccines. OK. I did that.

The writer says that COVID kills 0.26%. As of today, the number of known cases is 29,066,212 and 523,852 deaths have resulted, which equals 1.802% or a potential 5,929,740 deaths, based on a population of 329,064,917. Then, rather than a percentage, the writer says 8,000 adverse reactions have been reported, then says 90% go unreported. What is an “adverse reaction.” If the writer means having a sore arm and feeling really lousy for a day or two, which I’m sure many do, then that may be accurate, but if it means requiring medical treatment, then it is much, much lower. Also, the writer says “over 1.5% of these involved death” or 120 people. Even if the writer’s .26% death number were accurate, that would be over 850,000 deaths verses 120.

 Also, in regard rights being violated, I have received two doses of the vaccine and was given full information about risks and benefits and had my additional questions answered by my primary care provider and the personnel administering the vaccines.

I  would offer the same advice as did the writer, “Please do research.”


J.P. Bailey

Lawton 73507

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