Am I in the right place? Is this really America? No it can't be when I was in school I was taught that America was home of the free land of the brave but is it true? When I look to see many bad things and people in this "great" country! When I look I see people getting killed and kids getting raped! Kids put on fake faces and pretend to be ok but they're not, they're too scared to admit it! People get shot and people die just because other people want to watch them die, and that is sick! What happens when God comes for us? Hell is going to run out of room because we saw these bad things happening, and we were too lazy to stop it! But .... is it too late to change it? I don't know that is up to you, teach your kids to stop it while they can, the future is in our hands it's up to us to take that stand can we do it? Can we fix a broken country? Well ... if we try we might be able to mend what is broken. Sure it will be hard and take a long time but if we don't give up we can. If we truly try! So what do you want for your kids and future kids? To live in a place that is basically Hell (America) just to go to Hell when we die? Or do you want them to live in a place that is like Heaven (America) with joy and happiness and go to Heaven when they die? It's up to you to fix it or not we can't fix the whole world in one day and sure there will still be cruel people in this world but can we bring that number down or up? Well that is up to you! Let's fix America piece by piece and hand by hand! Let's fix America, try to and we might just succeed!

Ashlynn Christensen


Editor's Note: Ashlynn is a 12-year-old girl who lives in Cache.

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