Two thirds of the voters in this area voted for Donald Trump. That means that they have been able to discern between propaganda and random acts of journalism that appear in the mainstream media. As a matter of fact, studies show that up to 95% of coverage of President Trump is negative. That’s not journalism, that’s propaganda. I don’t have to spell out President Trumps accomplishments to two-thirds of Oklahomans because we have sources of news other than the newspapers and the mainstream media. In fact, listing President Trumps accomplishments is not my job. That is the job of journalists and they aren’t doing it well at all.

 AP articles, some by “reporters” Lemire, Miller, Colvin, and Jaffe, appear regularly in your paper. I took journalism as a high school freshman. These “professional journalists” would have failed that 9th grade journalism class for their egregious slanting of stories concerning President Trump. For example, almost every time you see the name “Trump” you see the word “falsely”, “falsely stated”, or words to that effect. That is not reporting, that is propagandizing.

 It’s not my job to report all the irregularities that happened in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia. That was the job of Lemire On November 4th or 5th you ran an OPED by Mark Asquino about election fraud in Romania. Most of the irregularities that he reports happening in Romania happened in those Democrat-Run states. Yet, the AP story didn’t cover them until today, November 12 but in a way that was deliberately unflattering to Trump. They don’t report bad things about Mr. Biden at all. Where is the investigative reporting on Mr. Biden’s video admission to extortion of the Ukrainian President, his son’s laptop explaining his family money laundering scheme, his on-going problem with pawing at attractive women. Now I know how East Europeans must have felt under the Soviet yoke where all news came from state-run media. We don’t have a free press anymore. Journalism, as I learned about it in 1963, is dead.

Donald Aguilar


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