Letter to the Editor

Hard to be ‘grateful’

for decision

Whether Julius Jones is innocent or guilty, the death penalty is barbaric and immoral — period. The decision of Gov. Stitt to commute the sentence of Julius Jones from the death penalty to life without parole is a relief. But I find it hard to be “grateful” for Gov. Stitt’s decision. He kept Julius Jones and his family, and the people of Oklahoma, on tenterhooks when all he really had to do was to accept the findings of the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board.

And why remove the possibility of parole? Possibility of parole is far from being the same as granting of parole. I have no strong feeling on whether he is actually innocent or guilty, but I’m inclined to at least consider the Innocence Project on his innocence (see https://innocenceproject.org/julius-jones-death-row.../). I fully expect that either he will eventually be found to have been wrongfully convicted, or that he will come to be viewed as someone who should have been eligible for full parole.

Frantzie Couch