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Dr. Lance Janda's column on Tuesday, June 7, "Being a Child in America," was so spot-on that I wept when I finished reading it. And then I read the letter to the editor, "Editorial Page Too Liberal" from the Readers' Views, which nearly made me weep again, this time in despair. It is to the …

I live in Arkansas and visit my mom here in town. My sister and I went to the Vaska to watch the “last” Jurassic movie. If I had gone by the review Josh Rouse gave it, I wouldn’t have gone. He made it sound like a slow, boring, unbelievable movie; quite the contrary. It was full of fast-movi…

The Lawton Constitution recently reported the funds from the medical marijuana tax was to be given to the Lawton Enhancement Trust Authority to be used to build sidewalks in Lawton. This was established in 2019. That was the bait!!!!!

Thank you for this editorial about guns being used to kill children. I don't have all the answers (as I don't think does anyone else) as to all possible solutions, but more stringent requirements for the purchase of war weapons is at least on the table and needs to be addressed.

The incorrect address for the Comanche County Conservation District office was printed in The Sunday Constitution. The correct address is 1606 SW Lawton Avenue.

I will make this very simple. I agree completely with Lee Baxter’s comments on “Are you really doing fine University of Oklahoma?” Also, I agree completely with the Our View editorial “Council Made poor decision”. What’s going on???

As reported in the Tuesday (Dec. 21) Constitution, the city is suing the owners of a private road that runs to the west of the 67th St. Post Office and exits at the Home Zone parking lot. According to city council, the road constitutes a public nuisance due to its condition.

Did you know the words “separation of church and state” do not appear in the United States Constitution? The first ten amendments to our Constitution are commonly known as the Bill of Rights, and the first amendment is:

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