Voters will head to the polls Tuesday (or beginning last week, if you’re one of those early birds) to determine the fate of the City of Lawton’s Capital Improvements Program (CIP). We encourage voters to vote yes and approve the measure.

Admittedly, we had some serious concerns about this program when it was first laid out. Most significantly, the speed at which the push to the polls was being pursued.

Now, we’re not normally against a sense of urgency, especially where governmental entities are concerned, because we often think things are moving too slow. And we had concerns this project was being rushed. However, to their credit, proponents slowed down, took the time to take a deeper look and, most importantly, explain in detail the need for each project.

Over the past several weeks, Constitution reporter Kim McConnell has investigated the list of needs and explained them to our newspaper readers. Thousands more have read them online. After reading the city’s justification, even we came to understand and support some portions of it that we’d not, initially, been a fan of.

But that’s kind of our point. In today’s political climate, too many factions want to fight that, if they don’t get everything they want, they’re willing to toss the entire kit and kaboodle. In our collective mind, that’s not good governance, or good citizenry. Needs exist across the spectrum of the community and the city’s proposal seems to try and address, at least in part, most of the significant ones. Even if a voter were to oppose one particular aspect of the CIP measure, we don’t see anything that warrants a thumbs-down on the entire program. This is about finding something you can support, and understanding that, while you may not see another need, others might. There’s more here — far more — to like than to dislike.

We sense that Lawton is at a turning point economically and that a bold step needs to be taken to ensure Lawton’s future prosperity. Next week’s vote, we believe, is that first step.

We urge readers to vote “Yes” on Tuesday.

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